Orange Shades

I had a little bit of déjà vu when I saw the chandelier shades posted about on Friday. Luckily, Susan from Shandell's got in touch with me and cleared it all up...in her note she included a link to a page from a past issue of Lonny that shows the gorgeous marbleized orange shades in action. Eddie Ross used them on a vintage chandelier and I LOVE the effect!

Images above via Lonny, design by Eddie Ross

I couldn't find many other examples of rooms with colored shades, however, the next few rooms do show how impactful non-white shades can be.

Image via Decor Demon

Images above designed by Diane Bergeron

Image from Domino magazine via Design Fabulous
Image of the Tory Burch store in Palm Beach via Chicago Now (thanks Lindsay!)
Designed by Barbara Barry
Image via Country Living
I may have to try some snazzy shades on one of the chandeliers in our house. I'd also love to put some to use on a pair of sconces. Seems like a fantastic way to add some personality and color to a room without having to commit to paint or fabric. If we're lucky, Shandell's will make some Malachite shades...I'd be all over those!

What do you think of the idea?


  1. A lot of the Tory Burch boutiques use colorful chandelier shades. So chic!

  2. Thanks Lindsay! Just added an image of a TB store :)

  3. Beautiful! I actually hadn't thought about shades in a while but this post has inspired me again...thank-you!

  4. I would love to make you some Malachite shades, they would be amazing!!!

  5. * I'm a "specialty shade" NUT, so I reeeeally appreciated the closer look... and those are terriffic... such personality!!!

    By all means, if they don't OFFER them in malachite, suggest you just ASK... (it never hurts n' you never KNOW until you DO, right? (Keep us posted!)...

    Linda in AZ*

  6. Yes, they are pretty. the tory burch shades are so beautiful...

  7. I just saw a black and white shade at Anthro and fell in love. They only had 1 though and I need 4 so I've since been on the search for colored shades for my dining room chandelier. The impact is amazing!