The Best of the Web: Room & Board

I spend lots of time prowling furniture and decor sites and I definitely have to give props to Room & Board for being one of the best (their brick-and-mortar stores are fabulous too). Anyhow, the Room & Board site is very clean, the navigation is intuitive, and the product images are fantastic. I love that clear photos are available on a large scale and that the different finish/fabric/material choices can be viewed accurately and quickly (many sites do this, but few do it well). I also appreciate how Room & Board usually displays the item in at least one room scene, which makes visualizing the size and scale much easier.

To those unfamiliar with the company, their product line is fairly modern...much of their merchandise emits a polished, mid-century vibe. In fact, they have a whole section called Modern Classics that is filled with iconic pieces from famed designers like Charles and Ray Eames, George Nelson, and Hans Wegner. To give you an idea of the style of their merchandise, here is a small sampling of some of their newly released items...

I'm LOVING this gray finish

This console has a similar look to the petrified wood console behind the sofa in our den. The top is available in a wide range of materials...I obviously like the white Venatino marble best.

I think a hidden swivel base is a great idea for chairs to be used in room with a TV. I hate it when all of the furniture faces the television, so this allows the chair to be part of a proper conversation area (while also being conducive to TV watching).

This is not one of their new items, but for some odd reason I just like it!

This is also not new to Room & Board, but I wanted to throw it into the mix because it's representative of the Modern Classics they carry (and it's really cool).

A final thing that I love about Room & Board is that most of their merchandise is made in the USA (of course, the chair above is made in Denmark). In any case, I've grown very tired of seeing "made in China" and I think it's important to recognize the retailers who stock their stores with American-made goods.

What do you think of Room & Board? Have any of you ordered things from there?


  1. LOVE room & board. Our kitchen table is from a line they used to have that was more PB-esque but it is really nice quality and has held up to a lot of abuse.

  2. Love the Wegner chair. What a great color!

  3. I have ordered from Room & Board (actually have the Calvin chest) and have to say the customer service is EXCEPTIONAL, and the quality of furniture is amazing.

  4. I love Room & Board! My parents had the catalog and passed it on to me about a year ago. The furniture has such great lines! Kathy

  5. i've had good experiences with room & board - quality furniture, great service. i love that grey finish...so pretty!


  6. I haven't, I can see by the images and the comments that they must be a super company!! I love the designs!

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    Art by Karena

  7. I'm in love with the painted Wegner wishbone chair.

  8. Hi Kyle! I love your blog. My husband and I recently purchased a condo in Playa Vista and are starting from scratch in terms of remodeling. We have decided on dark hardwood floors and are debating fabrics available from R&B for our tufted sectional. What are your thoughts on the "doss bone" vs "doss otter" fabric and what paint colors do you think would best suit a living room with that sofa color with dark hardwood floors? I like you, love white but I am also really into grays lately.
    Your suggestions are greatly appreciated!

  9. Even though it's minature, our living room sofa/chairs are from R&B. I definitely have to give them props on customer service. Moving into our "charming" Victorian apartment, the legs of our couch wouldn't fit through the door frame, so we had to literally kick them off! We called and had someone from R&B over to fix the legs and they did a great job and extremely friendly and helpful!

  10. I didn't realize that most of Room & Board's products are made in the USA. I am also tired of seeing "made in China" on everything and would definitely be more inclined to purchase from them to support American jobs! Thanks for bringing this to our attention :)