MOGUL Spaces + Merch

Mogul is a store in Los Angeles that also offers resdiential and commercial design services. I've been into the store and it's pretty wild. If you're ever in the neighborhood (on Melrose), it's definitely worth stopping by, mainly because it's quite unique. Their merchandise could be described as provocative and extreme...lots of out of the ordinary books and accessories. They have some really amazing custom furniture too. Here are some examples of what they carry:

Seth Iron Table Lamp (this is similar to one that I have in my living room)

It's owned and operated by Thomas Piscitello and Neal Wagner. The duo creates some seriously dramatic spaces...some of which are beautiful and stunning to me, while others just aren't my style. Here are some of my favorites from their portfolio...

Not going to lie...I hate those lights over the island and the barstools, but I am liking the black cabinetry with the thick marble countertops.

This nightclub is an example of their commercial work...

Used in the club design from above, here's some gold tile...and what looks to be gold grout!

What are you thinking...pretty cool or a little out-of-hand?


  1. That bed is fantastic!! What a wonderful blog you have here, I just dicovered it. Very nice to meet you. I will check back often ;)


  2. i like it... but im with you. those pendant lamps are really awful.

  3. For the average person, (and let's all think of a relative here) it is a bit over the top. Unless, of course, you're related to P. Diddy.

  4. I am so wowed right now! Oh my! I'm equally in love with your blog, so happy to have found you! x

  5. very cool! i love all the blacks and glamour!
    lovely blog you have,welcome to visit mine!

    xo, tiina


  6. Definitely a good fit for L.A. All that glamour is perfect for the stars!