Chair Hall of Fame - Final Installment

Happy Friday everyone! Here's a final set of delightful chairs to send you off for the weekend. I tried hard to find some affordable options to include, but alas, not many were worthy of being inducted into my Hall of Fame. Chairs are like shoes to me...the cheap ones are rarely satisfactory in terms of form and function and the premium (aka expensive) ones often look better and will last for decades. I'm happy with bargain buys in many instances, but with chairs (and shoes) high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship make it worth the extra expense. Unfortunately this preference is yet another instance of my champagne taste on a beer budget!

21) Plantation Crown Chair
22) Layla Grayce Library Chair
23) Jayson Home & Garden Byron Chair
24) Layla Grayce Oly Studio Tobias Chair
25) Layla Grayce Kenton Relax Chair
26) Jayson Home & Garden Bellington Wing Chair
27) Williams-Sonoma Home Geoffrey Chair
29) Windsor Smith Harlow Tufted Slipper Chair
30) Z Gallerie Soho Chair

Are you tired of all of this chair talk yet? I apologize if you are. Sadly, I could rattle on about the topic forever...but I promise that I won't!


  1. certainly not tired of all the beautiful chairs! I think this installment was my favorite...although #12 in yesterdays was GORGEOUS! Today I would narrow my favs down to 21, 22, 25 and 29, not saying I wouldn't take any one of them in a heartbeat. Love this roundup!
    Eva ~ http://houseofdeva.blogspot.com

  2. Love the chair talk! And I was loving the post you did a few days ago on the beautiful entry. I'm going to attempt to copy it using your sources. I'm excited! Thanks for all your inspiration!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nah...who doesn't love a good, pretty, functional chair!!!! Those are all great by the way.

  4. Don't know if you read this blog already, but this (the chevron!) made me think of your blog. :)

  5. I could stare at pictures of chairs for hours! I have an obsession with chairs and jackets. 29 is my favorite from this list.
    I also really enjoyed your posts on the entry designed by McGill Design Group, I believe it was. I just love all of the detail in woodworking and subtle contrast. Thanks for the daily inspiration

  6. I'm loveing all these chairs on your list!! keep going!! :)

  7. I love chairs as well and of course always manage to pick the most expensive also. The first 4 and the Windsor Smith are my favorites - great picks!!