Palecek Furniture and Accessories

Sorry I left you hanging on Friday, I went to Market so there was no time for blogging. I saw lots of fabulous things (and some pretty brutal things). On the fabulous side, I loved the Palecek showroom and had a great time meeting Andrew, the designer and son of the company's founder, Allan Palecek. Allan was a pilot in the Vietnam War, an experience which introduced him to the handiwork of the artisans in southeast Asia. After the war, he started a basket company and has since grown it into a thriving family business that now produces high-quality furniture, distinctive accessories and decor, and gorgeous textiles.

Andrew took me through the showroom and provided lots of background information on each piece. It was great to gain some contextual knowledge behind the diverse line and to learn about the company's roots and their direction for the future. I am very impressed with their design prowess and also with their dedication to using sustainable materials. Allan, Andrew, and the rest of the Palecek design team are quite adept at using interesting found objects and resources that would otherwise be thrown away (like the inside of a mollusk shells). Anyhow, I think it's a notable resource and wanted to share some images of their goods. As usual, I have my favorites and they are as follows:

They have tons of fabulous chairs, including these Lyon Arm Chairs which show the wide range of finishes that are available.

I LOVE this light fixture...added bonus: it is available in all of the colors shown in the next photo!

This oversized wood sunburst mirror is really stunning.

They have lots designs that incorporate petrified wood, which is one of my favorite materials. Andrew told me that they source theirs out of Siberia...I'm sure harvesting it is a fun process!

This is a petite cane stool that swivels...I think it's such a smart design and the compact size is perfect for many small space situations. It was pretty comfortable too. I made a plea to Andrew about making it in different colors...seriously, how awesome would it be in turquoise?

There's my petrified wood console (as seen behind the sofa in our den)! Also some chic bamboo chairs and a killer inlaid bone tray.

This coffee table was so beautiful and this photo definitely doesn't do it justice. The top is made from Gemelina wood

This set of penshell nesting tables is to die for, isn't it?

This Auburn Lounge Chair is perfectly modern and exotic at the same time.

More pretty penshell accent tables...the rectangular lamp shown on the mini console is also very cool. As is the cane-backed chair on the left.

A great corded-cushion slipper chair topped with a very unique pillow. The white fabric on the pillow is made from remnants of bridal fabric.

Again, this chair is both modern and exotic...and slightly mid-century.

Fantastic oversized basket pendant...this would look awesome against white walls.

Palecek makes some amazing furniture, don't they? Any favorites of the pieces shown above?


  1. Palecek is a great company and it has come a long way from just baskets. Love their cafe chairs also.Thank for all the new products.

  2. Those colorful chairs at the beginning of the post are going to stick with me for sure. Loved them!

  3. Those chairs are absolutely stunning...and so does the sunburst mirror.

    Oh too many lovelies in there:)

    First timer in here and I'm really loving it even your previous posts...I'm a new follower now:)

  4. I am happy to give you a blogging award...

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  5. It's a toss up between the chairs and the tortoise shell nesting tables for me - both make me gaga!

  6. I'm loving all the texture, Palecek designers are texture Gods!

  7. I am in LOVE with their chairs! I was curious if you could give me their running price range?

  8. I was dying over the Lyon chair too. I just went to market in Vegas and was loving the new stuff from Palecek too.


    I can't wait to see what you ladies have in store with High Gloss.

  9. yes! love palecek. we used to sell it often at Nest... it's great because it's sooo customizable. you can get anything, anyway. I love it!!

  10. Simply lovely, just like you blog (which is why I passed a blogger award on to you via mine!)

  11. These are some great pieces! Fantastic! Thanks for sharing sweetie!

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