Dream Dining Room

Yesterday I gushed about Made Goods and their wonderful wares. I professed my love for the malachite Vivian mirror and today, that mirror is still in my head. I can't stop thinking about how good it would look here, there, everywhere. To appease my need to put it to use, I went ahead and built a mood board around it.  Along with a few worthy accompanists, here is Ms. Vivan in action.

Chandelier, lamps, and malachite mirror - Made Goods
Macassar Ebony Console - 1st Dibs - Sentimento Antiques
Tufted Chairs - Windsor Smith - Shoshana Dining Chair
Dining Table - Jonathan Adler - Nixon Dining Table
Rug - Madeline Weinrib - Black Buche
Besides the fact that it revolves around the Vivian malachite mirror, I call this my dream dining room because most of the pieces in the space are out of my price range. Oh well, it's fun to throw the idea of a budget out the window sometimes, isn't it?

Have a great weekend!


  1. oooo, I know. Ms. Viv is quite a looker. You can just post about her from here on out.

  2. love it... and yes most of the times out of budget ideas are always my favorites. :) what can you do.

    enjoy your weekend

  3. Wow so the ubiquitous striped IKEA rug is actually a Madeline Weinrib knock off? Never knew that!

    The green goes perfectly with the black and the white. Gorgeous.

  4. Love that malachite! Great combination above.

  5. this might be the prettiest board i've seen in a while. do love that mirror, too! love the gold, green, and white...

  6. We love that company and have had our eye on that beautiful green mirror.

  7. I totally agree with you. Made Goods has such beautiful things. I saw there items at the NYIGF and their booth was just screaming my name as I walked past.

    So happy to see your coming to blogfest! I'm going too!