Mid-Century Italian Case Goods Lovefest

1st Dibs is a total black hole for me. On a weekly basis I get sucked in by their emails and end up spending way too much time looking at everything from vintage couture to antique rugs. There is so much to discover and all it takes is one click on the New Listings tab and I'll usually find something to obsess over within minutes.

Lately I've been stalking mid-century Italian case goods...specifically ones with mesmerizing herringbone-patterned veneers like these:

Italian Modern Rosewood Sideboard, Dassi

Sylvio Cavatorta Italian Liquor Cabinet Bar

Four-Door Storage Cabinet by Paolo Buffa

Italian Dining Cabinet after Paolo Buffa

The four-door storage cabinet and the freestanding cabinet are my favorites of the bunch and both were designed by accomplished Italian furniture designer, Paolo Buffa. While I can't find a wealth of information about him personally, I have been able to learn more about his work through 1st Dibs. As you'll see by looking through 1st Dibs' stock of Paolo Buffa goods, his design prowess extended beyond case goods. His oeuvre also includes stunning upholstered pieces, mirrors, and lighting. His clean-lined case goods are what grabbed my attention and upon first sight, I swooned over the effect of the herringbone veneers. When combined with rich, traditional rosewood and mahogany, the geometric detail provides a refreshing dose of modernism.

As with most of the things I covet from 1st Dibs, mid-century Italian case goods are a wee bit too pricey for me. But in my mind, high quality antiques are similar to fine art in that you can still love and appreciate them, even if you can't acquire them.

Are you smitten with these pieces like I am or are they not really your style?


  1. I DIE for a good chevron wood grain. So chic and timeless. Beautiful post. Chic Rooms

  2. i do the same thing EVERY time i get a 1st dibs email. they're dangerous!