Framing Options

I often look to Ugallery as a resource for original artwork. Yesterday as I was scrolling through the available paintings looking for affordable options for a client and I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a piece by Diana Delgado. I immediately fell in love with the vibrant colors and the overall chaotic energy that it effused. Called Glam and Glammer, it was wonderful to discover that it is a large scale work, coming in at 60" x 72". I am quite obsessed with huge, bold pieces of artwork.

I immediately grabbed the image and scurried over to Larson-Juhl's interactive frame design tool to see the piece all framed up nice and pretty. There are a variety of ways to frame a painting like this and I wanted to show my favorite ideas and provide some context in terms of what kind of room the pairing would complement. First off, this is Larson-Juhl's Silhouette (353806) frame. I love a good black frame with gold detail and this is a modern classic:

I like the mix of traditional and modern elements. What do you think? 
I'll be posting more framing options + rooms later, so check back soon!


  1. Oh that artwork would really look great in a space like that...nice velvet couch:)

  2. I love a good mix too. Especially the art.