Framing Options - Part 2

As I mentioned earlier, the below painting, Glam and Glammer, by Diana Delgado captured my affection on Ugallery. Years ago I developed an appreciation for great framing after working in the art business, so I love taking a piece of art and playing with different framing looks in Larson-Juhl's Interactive Frame Design tool. Since this piece is abstract, it is perfect for illustrating how frame choice can really affect how artwork is integrated into a room.

Here I've gone with a traditional gold finish, but the style of the frame is simple and straightforward so it complements the contemporary piece. Also, I couldn't help but use two different rugs!

ABC Carpet Color Reform Rug
Which frame do you like best? Any preference on the rugs, furniture, wall colors, etc?


  1. love the first vingette you did! really nice

  2. I would gladly live in both! Love what you've put together.

  3. * Hi, Kyle~~~~ Well, MY preference is the hardwood floor & rug in the FIRST PIC... Quite honestly, the great framing looks basically the same, so unless you are "just dying" for one over the other, I'd get the less expensive option of the two... Adore the black background!!! Looking pretty!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  4. I love the first picture - I think it gives more attention to the art in that one! Also, I LOVE how the lamp plays off of the art - very cool choice! And, thanks for the leads on those resources - I didn't know about them but plan to check them out today!

  5. I love option #1. It's classy, clean, and the art really pops!

  6. The first one is great with the lighter graphic rug with the dark wall. I didn't know about the Larson Juhl Interactive Frame Design, it will come in super handy for style boards!