La vita è bella con Missoni Home

Missoni Home always brings a fresh perspective to the soft goods department. Their 2011 collections are out and as usual, the whole line is wonderfully full of energy and color. Rosita Missoni is the designer behind the exuberant collection and along with revered Italy-based home textiles producer, T&J Vestor, she has created a line that celebrates not only vivacious Italian style, but also top-notch Italian quality.

I'm attracted to the bold palette and the fearless combination of geometric patterns. It's not likely that I would drench a whole room in Missoni Home, however, because each piece packs a lot of punch and thus a little goes a long way! Even if Missoni Home isn't your style, it's certainly a visual treat. Have a look...

Missoni Home's personality is definitely evocative of warm temps and carefree summers on the Italian coast. I still adore last year's catalog for it's dreamy, summery images...

I'm officially ready for summer now, how about you?

What do you think of Missoni Home's product line? If you love it and want to shop it, a few online retailers carry the collection including:

Any favorite items? Being a blanket hoarder, I've always wanted one of their throws!


  1. i love missoni and their bold colors! i definitely plan to purchase at least SOMETHING as soon as i get a spending budget again. the textures and patterns are just perfection!

  2. I collect Missoni scarves, totally addicting. My daughter has a Missoni throw in her room, I just posted the pics on my blog last week. It is a solid pink, so not the typical bold print, but the weave is pure Missoni, I want to steal it. Especially loving that throw in the second image.

  3. I love Missoni. I've never purchased anything from their home line only clothing. Thanks for the review.

  4. I love Missoni patterns. So fun and chic. I have a scarf that I love to death.

  5. Just fabulous! I want that throw with the cream fringe really badly. I am not a pink person, but I always seem to like it the way Missoni does it.