In2Green Blankets

A while back I became fixated on this Greek key blanket that I saw on Taigan. Much to my dismay, the seller couldn't fulfill my order because they had already sold out. The product listing didn't name the manufacturer so I couldn't go and find it at another retailer. I begrudgingly gave up on the purchase.

Well, today One Kings Lane is having an Eco Chic sale and "my" blanket is among the items for sale! Of course, the one I like best sold out before I could get my hands on it (plus it wasn't the color I needed) but, the silver lining is that I discovered who makes it. The company is called In2Green and besides the fact that they produce environmentally responsible goods, they produce many (if not all) of them right here in the USA. Their blankets come in all kinds of fun colors and patterns and best of all, they are machine wash and dry...hallelujah! Here are some of the ones on the OKL sale...

Here are some of my favorite styles from the In2Green site...
Eco Zig Zag Strie
Eco Ikat
Eco Zig Zag
Eco Plaid
Eco Indian
Eco Morocco

Finally, In2Green has some really cute (and inexpensive at only $40 each) pillows in the ZigZag Strie pattern...

So if you're loving the blankets as much as I do, run over to One Kings Lane and get one before they are all gone! If you miss them there or want a style that isn't included in their sale, just hit up the In2Green site and purchase there.

Happy weekend!


  1. Thank you so much! I was looking at that blanket today too, and they sold out so fast! I'll check it out. I love your blog so much :)

  2. I just received the blue ikat blanket in the mail. Love it-feels great and came packaged so nicely!

  3. Kris and Jen - so glad to hear that the blankets feel food. Sometimes eco-friendly textiles aren't the softest. Have you washed yours yet? I'm curious about how well they wear.