Another Guest Bedroom Idea

I'm still tinkering with fabric combos for a guest bedroom in our house. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have a new rug for the room. The rug calls for a new color scheme so I plan to have a headboard and bedskirt made in addition to reupholstering the wing chair in the corner. Curtains will also need to be made. Basically, I'm revamping the whole room!

I was thinking about going with a red as the dominate color so I pulled a few more fabrics in that color family. I'm not sold on the idea though and might go with a navy instead because I like the contrast it provides. Check out the images below and let me know what you think. I'm still on the hunt so anything is possible at this point!

 Here is Schumacher's Ziggurat on the headboard and bedskirt. I've included light blue piping/cording to trim both pieces. I'm afraid this might be too geometric.

A bit more simple, here is a navy headboard from Live.Like.You and a plain navy bedskirt. I'd have to add some trim to the bedskirt to make it a bit more interesting.

Here are the red fabrics that are in the running...I like all of them, but don't think any emit the style that I'm going for. 

Schumacher Maracanda Vine - Berry

Schumacher Charlton Floral Vine - Cherry

Schumacher Villandry Damask Print - Pomengranate
What are your thoughts? Since I'm not in love with any of the above options, I'll continue brainstorming and hopefully the eureka moment will come sooner rather than later!


  1. I am not liking the navy headboard. But I do like the last Schumacher fabric the best of the reds.....I like the cream in it and the fact that it is a stronger pattern. It also looks good with the blue in the rug. Opinions are free....:)

  2. I like the Pomengranate print the best. I feel as if it pulls in more of the red from the rug. I do like the idea of a navy headboard,... and at first I didn't like this particular one. That is until I went to the website and saw the pillow arrangements upright instead of laying flat. I felt it helped tone down the scale a little.

  3. None of those red fabrics really strike me, personally. I liked the Quadrille fabrics from your other post a lot more...but I'm not a red person either so that's a little biased :) I like navy and coral together, maybe with the sky blue as an accent?

  4. I like all of the fabric... what I don't care for is the rug. Like Sherry said opinions are free.

  5. I love the navy headboard. Easy on the eyes with all the patterns going on...Love it.

  6. I think you need to go with more of a textured headboard than a print headboard. That rug is so unique and unstructured in a structured way (if that makes any sense), that I feel like another pattern with a strong color story/pattern competes with it.

    What about a fabric like the Thibault Matelasse you posted earlier in a color from the rug? I think it would look amazing in the pale blue or the green.

    The red's not doing it for me...not fresh enough.

    This is fun! Thanks for taking us along for the ride!

  7. I really like the navy headboard, but agree none of the reds strike me. They all feel too traditional and floral. Something a little bit more modern or geometric I think would be best.

  8. I love the navy headboard. It's so striking and bold yet timeless. Beautiful!

  9. I totally agree with 'Things That Sparkle'... Love the navy headboard!
    I'm sorry to say I don't love the rug though :(
    But I love reading your blog and I like it when you do these type of posts!!
    Good luck with the room, I'm sure it will be fab

  10. hmmm not sure the navy headboard pictured is right for that rug. I do like the idea of a navy head board but maybe in a simple camelback shape? Of the fabrics, my favorite is the pomegranate damask. A bed skirt and matching euro shams would look amazing with the oatmeal quilt you have already. I would bring out the lighter blue in the rug with accents.

  11. Love the Villandry Damask fabric the most...

  12. I like the blue, but I'm still stuck on the reds. I like the smaller scale of the blue fabrics, so what about John Robshaw's block printed linens? I think his coral/reds would work and many of the patterns are more similar in scale to the blue ones you like.


    I'm sure whatever you do will look beautiful. After all, you're the pro. :)