Cutting-Edge Kitchens by SieMatic

SieMatic's ads keep getting my attention with their gorgeous product photography. The German company showcases exquisite kitchen designs and after seeing those, I went to dig for more on their site.

I will warn you...the SieMatic website is cavernous and you can easily get lost. I waded through lots of super modern, euro kitchens (not my style) with the goal of finding more shots of their newest collection, BeauxArts.02, which is featured in their current ad campaign and is shown here: 

SieMatic has the fresh perspective on kitchen design that I've been craving lately. For the past few years, I've been seeing the same white kitchens over and over again. So when something new and unique like this chrome and glass storage cabinet comes along, I get pretty excited about it.

I like the cooktop area shown here. Seems like a good workspace and the stainless steel cabinetry looks pretty darned cool. 

The following kitchens are from SieMatic's first BeauxArts collection...

I love this handy storage area by the cooktop...such a smart idea!

The furniture-like cabinet unit on the left is so amazing...it's functional and gorgeous. Although, I do wonder how you get into those drawers near the top!

This shot shows off the ridiculously cool two-toned cabinetry that surrounds the range. I'm hard-core obsessed with this look...and I'm also obsessed with the range which looks to be a La Cornue CornuFĂ© 110 (aka my dream range)

During my SieMatic web journey, I fell into a trance in the Interior Accessories section. The photos shown there send OCD peeps like me into a tailspin. Let's put it this way...in SieMatic's Type-A Utopia, there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. One day I will have one of their drawer systems in place...I hope! 

What do you think of the kitchens above? Do you have a favorite? And are you as gaga over the SieMatic drawers systems as I am? I'm sure that there are plenty that think it's organizational overkill!


  1. LOVE all the stainless options that go beyond appliances. Sleek and unexpected.

  2. Oh. Wow. I dream of one day having a kitchen that large and that organized!!


  3. Gorgeous!!! I love the chrome cabinets with glass doors. My in-laws just bought a glass refrigerator that cost more than my new toyota camry. *For the record, I would trade in my car for their refrigerator and bike or use public transit. Have you seen Martha Stewart's cabinet line? They have TONS of cabinet storage options. I'm sure the quality isn't the same, but it's very affordable.

  4. I love those nickel finish cabinets!

  5. The stainless around the stove area is such a clever idea! I have seen different cabinets up and down or on the island vs. everywhere else, but not that! I like it...

  6. The first is my favorite! I might try to bring it something to make it feel a little bit more round/soft. The colors and the elegance really make it shine. Those metal cabinets are really interesting.

  7. fall in love with that kitchen! that sparkling wall is just great!
    white glam