New Source: Live.Like.You + Bedroom Board

I recently discovered that Live.Like.You, which I thought was just a blog, has a fantastic online store! They sell everything from upholstered pieces to case goods and lighting and many of the items are exclusive to Live.Like.You. In addition to their custom wares, they also offer pieces from premium lines like Bungalow 5, Shine, and Madeline Weinrib.

Not only do they have a nice mix of merch, LLY also donates a portion of their sales to various charities. You'll notice that different pieces correspond to different non-profits...for example, 5% of the sales of the Marbella buffet benefit the Humane Society of New York. It's nice to be able to feel like you're doing good while shopping, isn't it?

Finally, Live.Like.You has a "Personality" section that is fun to cruise through. Through each different door you'll find room illustrations along with curated sets of buyable items that go with each personality type. It looks like they are in the process of adding more and I wanted to play along. I'd call mine "Wordly Couple" because it's a mix of masculine and feminine styles and there are a few exotic elements thrown into the assemblage. Many, but not all of the components are from Live.Like.You. Et voila...

Natural Electric Carpet - Live.Like.You
Modern Bachelor Headboard - Live.Like.You
Newport Bedding - Matouk
Cashmere Knit Throw - Jonathan Adler
Sonata Frame - Larson-Juhl
Villa Mirror - Z Gallerie
Circe Bench - Live.Like.You
3 Giraffes - Etsy seller Coco De Paris
Windsor Sette - Live.Like.You (covered in Schumcher Nanjing fabric in Porcelain)
Square Milano Table - Live.Like.You

What do you think of the board? Do you have a favorite element? What do you think about the giraffe painting above the nightstand? I actually just bought that off of Etsy for myself from seller Bohemian Habits :) I love it and it was really reasonably priced!

And have you ever shopped at Live.Like.You before?


  1. Love the rug and lamp and the geometric patterns they have going. And that vintage desk, so fun! Great colors too, the blue and white with a twist of gold.

  2. This is fabulous! LOVE the headboard, black and white duvet and rug the most...so pretty!

  3. Hi Kyle, we love your suggestion for personality on LiveLikeYou. So chic and cool. Hmm...perhaps soon to come? Just included you in a post of thanks on blog and Facebook!

  4. I love this! Especially the headboard. It's to die for!