MG+BW Ceramic Lamps

One of the fastest ways to perk up a room is to add a pair of richly-colored ceramic table lamps to the mix. They are classic and fun all at the same time, and as I've preached before, lamps are a necessity in most spaces because of the low-level lighting that they supply. A healthy dose of color and light can instantly improve a space and nothing is easier than plugging in a couple of lamps!

Christopher Spitzmiller, Made Goods, and Mottega, make some of the best shapes and colors of ceramic lamps. All of those purveyors specialize in premium, handmade ceramic bases and the pricing reflects that craftsmanship (i.e. they don't fit into most budgets). So, I'm always looking for more affordable options and was thrilled to find some at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. They have five different shapes of ceramic lamps and more than a dozen different colors to chose from. Each style has a different price tag they range from $225-$345. The good news is that MG+BW is having a sale and all lighting is 20% off until October 10, 2011!

My favorite style is the Genevieve because I like the shape of the base, the Lucite mounting, and the drum shade. Which one do you like best?

Genevieve - Rubix - Marilyn - Nola - Potter

If you got to bring one home, which color would you choose? I'm not usually the world's biggest yellow fan, but I like the Honey Gold and of course, all of the blues are appealing to me. 


  1. I love these lamps and what an amazing choice of colors and styles. Unfortunately even at this price they are not in my budget....maybe I'll check out homegoods to see if I can find a similar, more budget-friendly version.

  2. HoC - HomeGoods usually has a great ceramic lamp selection. I have a few pair from there myself. All of the ones I have were under $50 a piece, which is hard to beat!

  3. Check out my Ceramic lamps that I used in my Guest bedroom


    Great blog!


  4. Love the lamps. I just bought my dining room set from this store. I am fan of the stores!

  5. i choose nola, hands down. i'd love one in every color, please! SO gorgeous.

    and i totally agree on the homegoods recommendation. i've picked up many a beautiful lamp there. pier 1 has pleasantly surprised me in the past as well, but it's very hit and miss.

  6. Wow, Awesome lamps. My wife is really into these ceramic table lamps. I am hoping to find some good ones as a Possible Christmas gifts.