Michelle Nussbaumer + Ceylon et Cie on Gilt Today!

Michelle Nussbaumer is the proprietress of one of Dallas's finest showrooms, Ceylon et Cie. Michelle travels the world and acquires exquisite treasures for the showroom and for her clients. The showroom contains layers and layers of the finest, most interesting wares for the home...you'll find everything from massive ginger jars to vintage paintings and custom ikat fabrics (including some stunning metallic ones) to Murano lamps.

Michelle's impeccable taste and creative flair are a powerful combination and quite possibly make her the world's greatest shopper :) With that said, you won't want to miss her curated "Style Stars" sale today on Gilt Home. To give you a taste of what the sale might include, here are some shots of the luxe, eclectic goods sold at Ceylon et Cie...

Incredible place isn't it? It's honestly one of my favorite shopping destinations in Dallas...unfortunately my budget doesn't go very far there!

Be sure to tune into Gilt at 11am CST to shop Michelle's sale!


  1. OMG, what a great store. Are those vintage lamps on the table? There are so many things I want!

  2. Taylor - yes, those are vintage lamps...many of them are Murano. This place is insanely cool!

  3. wow oh wow those boxes with the stones..so pretty! :))) Loved this post- thanks!!! :))))


  4. We are just speech less. so beautiful.