Bud Vase Love

It's been a hectic Monday and my workday is nowhere near over. It's days like these when it helps to have flowers on your desk! Luckily my rose bushes are churning out lots of blooms now that the temps are cooler around here. Since I planted them, I've started accumulating bud vases because they're ideal for displaying flowers without long stems. The ones shown here are Two's Company Elegant Affairs Fluted Bud Vases. They are my absolute favorite ones because they have a tiny opening that perfectly holds a little posey of flowers without the need for an ugly rubber band (see second photo). I love the look and they only cost about $5 each! Pretty, aren't they?

Do you ever use bud vases? I'm pretty obsessed with them and like to sprinkle them all over the house. These blue and white ones from Wisteria might have to be the next addition to my collection...


  1. I love using blue and white bud vases! Lovely images xo

  2. YES! I use bud vases all the time and have a small collection of pretty ones that are on display when not utilized. Funny, I have a draft post about bud vases too. It's almost time to mulch over my garden which means I may have snipped the last blooms of the season.

  3. I purchased those wisteria bud vases this past summer and I love using them!
    Side note my husband and I purchased a home this summer and are in the process of painting the entire house. Many times I have referred to your paint tutorial and chosen colors from it:) Love your blog!!!
    Do you remember which color your used for your cabinets in your old house when you painted it?

  4. ive always wanted a clear one, but right now i only own a turquoise blue one.... :)

  5. I have a hedge of Knockout Roses. They bloom like crazy so i am always snipping the blooms and putting them in little vases. I really recommend swapping out the old knockouts for the newer varieties that look like real roses, only smaller