Spanish Style: Mixing Modern & Traditional in Madrid

Once again, I'm trolling foreign shelter magazines in search of fresh interiors and this time, I found some at Elle Decor España. I really loved looking through the photo gallery of this Madrid home designed by Geli Pérez Gómez. This is a seriously cool space...it's full of intriguing artwork and objets and there are plenty of interesting juxtapositions at play. Old and new furniture and architectural details are mixed together and rustic elements are paired with modern wares. The resulting look is eclectic and playful but still a bit sophisticated and refined thanks to the traditional detailed trimwork. It definitely makes me think that the owner, Jaime Lacasa, must be a pretty cool guy! Take a look and let me know what you think...

All images via Elle Decor España, photography by P. Zuloaga  

What is your opinion of the Spanish home? I don't love the furnishings...they're a bit too raw and worn for my taste, but the owner is a man so I can see how the rough, masculine style works for him. Besides the architectural details, I'm really drooling over the super high ceilings, that massive turquoise bookcase,  the robin's egg blue painted floors. Also, that floor-to-ceiling steel window unit/room divider is one of the coolest features I've ever seen. What's your favorite element?

Happy weekend to you all!


  1. Obsessed with that blue bookcase! Beautiful home!

  2. I think the architectural design of the room/rooms is quite beautiful!! I'm with you though on the FFE items... i think they could have a more refreshing feel to them ;)

  3. I lived in Spain for almost two years and fell in LOVE with Spanish architecture...those ceilings and moldings are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. I love how colorful this space is! Especially the blue bookcase :)


  5. I'm an avid reader, so my eye went directly to the books. Love the blue bookcases!