J. Crew Passion Living Room

I'm a pretty major J. Crew fan. The weather is FINALLY cooling down here in Texas so I can officially start getting excited about their fall collection. One thing I really love about it is the color story. The line is a combination of traditional autumnal colors and bright, saturated hues. Not only does the mix make an outfit look more interesting, it only makes an outfit easier to transition from season to season.

This neutral/muted tones + doses of bold hues recipe also works for interiors. After seeing this gorgeous painting, Pasion, by Lee Clarke I thought it would be fun to illustrate the concept with a mood board. So here's a J. Crew gal in her living room followed by a few other JC fall looks that echo the palette of the painting and the board...

Pasion, 2010 by Lee Clarke via Ugallery - oil on canvas, 52" w x 66" h
Belvedere Chandeliers - Z Gallerie
Wilshire Sofa - Williams-Sonoma

What do you think of the board? Do you like the color scheme? What do you think of the painting? Are you a J. Crew shopper? Lots of questions...give me answers :)


  1. When I saw the board you created, I literally gasped! I LOVE this color story, the painting and JCrew.... I could live in that red blazer outfit! Fantastic job!

    xo, Emily

  2. I'm pretty much in LOVE with the looks J.crew styled for fall on their website. But pairing them with this moodboard? Over. the. top. Loving the primary color palette and that painting is beautiful!

  3. i like those tables. and the chandys, though it bugs me that the zgallerie website doesn't show how they mount.

  4. I am in love with this post. I am a serious J Crew fan too! And totally agree that their color story is amazing this fall! Finally. . .its so overdue. I love the pieces you put together. . .they feel retro and mod. Would be great in a semi-industrial loft.

    P.S. Huge fan of your Blog. I just started my own, still very new. But would love to see what you think: www.interior-notions.com


  5. Thanks Emily! I could live in that red blazer outfit too...honestly, I want EVERY J. Crew blazer.

  6. Kelly - I've seen the chandeliers at Z Gallerie and they actually plug in so they can be hung from ceiling hooks. Or you could have them hard-wired and mount them with a canopy. At under $80 a piece, the best part about them is the price!

  7. Aside from the foo dog lamp that's oh so lovely, it's the clothes that totally got me! oh if only i could wear them, lol.. and the color blocking... i love it!

  8. This is AWESOME! What an inspiring way to mix fashion and interior decorating. I know a lot of blogs have been trying to do attempt this, but your layout and cohesive idea really hit the nail on the head! Well done! You have one new follower :)!