Bartsch Couture Wall Design

I'm full-on obsessed with this moon phase motif - Croissants de Lunes en coloris Nuit noire et Or - created by French decorative painting workshop, Bartsch. Believe it or not, Bartsch paints their bespoke designs directly onto the wall. Each creation is unique...a special work of art.

And here is the other colorway, Framboise et Or

The French have a long history of using decorative painting in their interiors. I love that the founders of Bartsch are keeping that tradition alive and fresh by employing their graphic design skills to create a chic, modern aesthetic. Here are my other favorite motifs that they've dreamed up...

Ciel étoilé en coloris Guimauve, Blanc et Or - Bartsch

Vichy sans Chichis en coloris Glacis et vernis satiné Tableau noir sur Ivoire - Bartsch

Look how darling the Les Nuages de coton motif looks in this nursery...what a lucky bébé!

I assume that Bartsch is only for hire in Paris. Of course they would be. All things fabulous are in Paris as far as I'm concerned! If you're up for investigating their services further, check out the Bartsch Facebook page in addition to their super cute website. Maybe they will throw a bone to the non-Parisians and start making wallpaper with those amazing designs...wishful thinking!


  1. These are amazing - I especially love that buffalo check pattern!

  2. They are currently working on a collection of wallpapers!

  3. I love that navy wallpaper, I need to quit renting and buy a house asap just so I can put this wallpaper up!

  4. Parisian Girl - So glad to hear that about the impending wallpaper line!!

  5. hello! i must have looked at a thousand wallpapers trying to find the right one and this navy moon phase is ah-mazing!! their site doesn't say how much, have you had any luck sourcing this paper or finding out price by any chance? thanks so much!! tiffany

  6. I love the cloud concept of the wall design. Really relaxing and lively to look at.