Thakoon + Ankasa for Edition01

Judging from my inbox, there is a lot of action on the interwebs right now! Cyber Monday's sales and promotions are in full swing and I seem to have received every single sale announcement over the past few days. One email from the deluge that was particularly interesting (and not Cyber Monday-related) was regarding the new Thakoon + Ankasa pillow collection for Edition01. Here is a sampling of the pillows...

I like the black/grey/ivory print on the first two best. I was surprised that there wasn't more embroidery and embellishment because both Thakoon and Ankasa are known for luxe details. Plus, there are only six different styles and only three different fabrics in the whole set which was a bit disappointing. The fabrics hailed from Thakoon's pre-Spring runway collection and I was sad that some of the others weren't used...like these:

Hopefully, there will be another collection with fabrics from Thakoon's spring collection because those fabrics are so fun!!

So, what do you think of the Thakoon + Ankasa pillow collection for Edition01? I'm left wanting more but on the positive side, I like a couple of the prints (not the rose one) and I appreciate that the prices aren't too crazy.

For those who aren't familiar with Edition01, it's a new site that collaborates with renowned designers to create limited edition capsule collections. So far, my socks aren't knocked off by anything I've seen but it's pretty new so I'm sure it'll only get better. You can sign up through this link: Edition01.

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