My Giraffe Painting Has Been Framed!

The good folks at Larson-Juhl graciously offered to frame my new beloved giraffe painting and wow, they outdid themselves! Quality framing can seriously elevate the overall presentation of a piece of art and LJ demonstrated that concept perfectly. Their in-house designers took my humble painting and gave it a luxe, sophisticated platform upon which to shine. The art was already good but now it looks better and the whole package makes for an exciting addition to my walls. I couldn't be happier about it!

Larson-Juhl came up with some amazing frame designs and beautifully executed two of them. That's right, my one giraffe painting has two different frames in a sense. LJ created a frame made with three different mouldings, one from the L7 collection and two styles from the Cranbrook collection. The L7 collection is comprised of gorgeous, hand water-gilded mouldings that were inspired by Le Corbusier. The Cranbrook mouldings have clean lines and the ones used for my piece have a fabulous, subtle white-washed finish.

My giraffe is showcased on a Cranbrook float frame that lies below the L7. A removable tall cap frame in the same finish can be placed on top of the L7. The removable frame creates versatility...with it, the piece looks a bit more modern and without it, the piece looks more traditional. You can see the two versions here...

This shot shows how the canvas edges are highlighted thanks to the Cranbrook float frame...

Here, the gold L7 is the primary frame...

I also tried the piece out in the entry...

I think the gold works best in here..

Didn't Larson-Juhl do an amazing job?!? I'm really thrilled about how the piece looks and I couldn't be more thankful for their help and expertise. I'm also glad to know about the L7 and Cranbrook collections because I'll be using mouldings from those sets again in the future.

As I mentioned before, great framing is so important and while it can get expensive, I urge you to avoid the pitfall of degrading your artwork by choosing a cheap moulding. Much like giving a pretty girl a stunning dress to wear, the frame around a piece of art can heighten the beauty of the total package. So be sure to seize that opportunity...and do the same for yourself and wear a stunning dress every once and while ;)


  1. I am a new reder to your blog and I simply love these glimpses of your house. It looks really gret. And I am with you, framing makes all the difference!

  2. Your giraffe looks pretty in her "dress." Who knew removable frames were even an option? Thanks for educating me!

  3. So cute!! I loved the painting before, but now it is extra special and even more beautiful!

  4. Hi - I love the grey on your walls with the giraffe painting - any way you could reveal which grey paint you used? Thank you!