Original Art from Anthro

Did you all know that Anthropologie is now selling original artwork? The work of ten artists is showcased in their One of a Kind Art section. It's a pretty varied lineup in terms of styles and media and the prices range from $150 to $6,000. Hopefully they will continue to expand in this area. It's amazing what an opportunity like this can do for an artist. Not many relatively undiscovered talents get this sort of international exposure, so kudos to Anthro for teaming up with them!

Because it is such a mixed bag, you'll undoubtedly pick favorites more quickly than if the set was more homogeneous. Abstract expressionism always jumps out to me...especially if I'm art shopping on my computer. So, I immediately fell for the paintings by Montreal artist Claire Desjardins. Her canvases are filled with interesting forms and exuberant color. Here are my picks from her Anthro oeuvre, all of which are acrylic on canvas...

I also loved the one and only piece by Christopher Stott, called Good Times. But I was disappointed to discover that it's a giclee. A giclee is a reproduction so I certainly wouldn't classify it as "one of a kind" and I don't think Anthro should have included it in their offering.

Finally, I liked this oil on canvas called Moss by Yangyang Pan.

So, I'd really like to hear about your favorite artists and/or pieces in Anthro's One of a Kind Art set. Did you like anything that you saw? Do you think they will sell the art or do you think people won't be willing to purchase semi-expensive artwork from a national retailer like Anthropologie?


  1. Love Claire's work..fabulous!! I am off to check out Anthro's other artwork.

  2. Anthro never lets me down, and they always exceed my expectations for design. Brilliant and so lovely!


  3. I had no idea! The pieces you featured here are really beautiful. Hopping over to Anthro to check out the rest of the collection...

  4. Thank you so much for this update. It will be great to have a new art source.