Upholstered Bed Styles

Upholstered beds are everywhere and have been en vogue for a while. Although I typically grow tired of any trend that becomes ubiquitous, I still love a good upholstered bed/headboard. I prefer that beds look comfortable and cushy and a padded headboard wrapped in fabric contributes to that effect far more effectively than a hard wood or metal one. And being a person who sleeps in a bed with a soft, tufted headboard (and footboard), I can vouch for the fact that upholstered beds are more comfortable especially when you're propped up reading or watching TV.

I've been planning to get an upholstered bed made for the guest room since we moved in and it just never rose to the top of the priority list. I'm ready to finish that room up though, so it really needs to be ordered so that I can select fabric for the chair and the curtains in the room. Besides choosing fabric, I need to decide on what shape I want to use. I want something unique but also simple and timeless because it's not going to change for a long time! Here are some styles that I like:

 Channel tufted
Designed by Lynn Morgan

Nailhead border trim, Tower 20 - Bolsa Chica Bed by Tim Clarke via Dering Hall

Grid tufted, Rossmore Headboard by Empiric

Tufted with brass button detail and curved edges, Nickey Kehoe - Tufted Headboard via Dering Hall
Designed by Nickey Kehoe

Here's another tufted one with curved edges, but it has more modern lines. Plus it's from Z Gallerie and is thus a bit cheaper (considering you get a whole bed and not just the headboard).

Simple lacquered wood frame with unholstered inset cushion with cording, designed by David Kleinberg
Designed by David Kleinberg, via Architectural Digest
Moorish cut-out design accented with nailhead trim, Azure Headboard via Horchow

And finally, this one that I put together, uses a classic curved corner shape, Schumacher's Nanjing, a fun Chinoiserie print fabric, and a navy contrasting tape border.

With my budget, I'll probably go with the final option that I designed. Since I'm not the world's biggest fan of bedskirts, I'd either have an upholstered base with wood legs made or go with a ready-made (i.e. cheaper) frame from West Elm. If I use Nanjing for the headboard I'll probably upholster the wing chair with Alan Campbell's Kells II in French blue and navy (below). The curtains would be ivory bordered with the same navy tape that was used on the headboard.

Which bed/headboard from above do you like best? Are you a fan of upholstered beds/headboards?


  1. I LOVE upholstered beds and contemplated making my own but then I fell in love with a gorgeous wood headboard that I bought off Craigslist. To remedy the hard wood issue, I made an upholstered panel to attach to the bed. Easy fix and now I have both the look of the wood and the softness of the padded headboard.

  2. I absolutely LOVE upholstered beds!I'm actually having a custom headboard made out of Chiang Mai in the china blue colorway. You should definitely check out House of Pembereley on Etsy (http://www.etsy.com/shop/houseofpemberley?ref=ss_profile). They have absolutely amazing prices, quality and have access to Schumacher, Quadrille and many more designer fabrics!

  3. I really like the modern tufted one. I have the Raleigh camelback one with nailheads from Pottery Barn and absolutely love it. It would be such a nice touch for a guest room!

  4. I have the victoria upholstered bed from z gallerie and I'm just nuts about it. It is an absolute bohemoth and hogs the entire room, but it's just gorgeous and comfy and cozy.

  5. Upholstered headboards are gorgeous! They have been around forever, but I think they have just become a bit more mainstream. They can add a touch of color and texture to a room.


  6. Kyle, I had to write to tell you that your blog is hitting it out of the park lately! I have loved your blog for almost 2 years now, but have never written. But, this post on beds, plus your recent posts on planters/plants, inexpensive rugs, your guest room, and let's not forget your master bath redesign are just fantastic!!! Your posts are informative, imaginative, and full of eye candy....and your personality keeps it all interesting. :) Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your posts and blog and thanks so much for your efforts!!