Lungarno Luxury

On my honeymoon I was fortunate enough to stay at the Hotel Lungarno in Florence. I looked it up a few days ago when I was prepping yesterday's post on upholstered beds because I loved the headboard in the room we stayed in. Well, I got sucked into the site and ended up flipping through the photo gallery that showcases every property in the Lungarno Collection.

Here's my husband chillin' on our room's patio overlooking the Ponte Vecchio...

Located in Florence, Rome, and Tuscany, the Lungarno Collection is comprised of luxury hotels, residences and villas, and a yacht. Led by Leonardo Ferragamo (Salvatore's son), each part of the collection was created to reflect Florentine style, culture, taste, creativity, craftsmanship, and passion. Ferragamo enlisted the prowess of famed Florentine architect Michele Bönan (who also designed the J.K. Place Capri) to execute his vision. The properties are unique but they all share a consistent level of taste and comfortable ambience.

I know that when we were at the Lungarno Hotel, it felt beautiful and luxurious but also very warm and inviting, like a home. The common areas had none of the typical grand hotel vapidity or stuffiness to them. All of the details and unique accents in the decor make it seem like you're in someone's living room and that atmosphere is so refreshing when you're in a foreign country. It's one of the few hotels I've stayed in where I wanted to hang out in those areas because it felt like an extension of our room instead of "public territory."

Anyhow, here are some photos of the exquisite properties of the Lungarno Collection...

Hotel Lungarno Lobby Area
This is pretty much what our room looked like. I was crazy about the brass window hardware, the navy-bordered draperies, and the bed...
Hotel Lungarno suite
This bathroom was amazing...some of the other hotels we stayed at in Italy didn't have proper showers and this one was outstanding.
Hotel Lungarno bathroom

Borgo San Jacopo restaurant overlooking the Arno

Bönan used tons of beautifully framed works on paper throughout the Hotel Lungarno...
Lounge Bar Picteau at the Hotel Lungarno
Comfy but sleek library...
Gallery Hotel Art library
The entrance to the Portrait Suites is conveniently located right next to Ferragamo :)

Bönan obviously loves picture lights and I love him for that...
Borgo San Jacopo restaurant

I love the gray wool flannel upholstery and draperies against the creamy white paneled walls...
Borgo San Jacopo restaurant

Continentale room
Those cocktail tables are topped with clocks...
Continentale Sky Bar rooftop

Rooftop terrace at the Continentale
Yoga on the rooftop terrace...sounds amazing, right? Well, gotta say Italian yoga gear is obviously MUCH different than it is in the US! Better pack some Lululemon and a proper mat ;)
Sky bar rooftop at the Contintale

This is so incredible. I could sit out here all night long...
Gallery Hotel Art private terrace
And all day long...
Gallery Hotel Art private terrace

Gallery Hotel Art private terrace

Portrait Suites terrace

Yet another killer view of the Arno...
Continentale Penthouse
Oh yeah, that's a view of the Duomo from the bathroom...
Continentale Penthouse
If this isn't the perfect white, then I don't know what is!
Gallery Hotel Art penthouse

Gallery Hotel Art room

Gallery Hotel Art bathroom

I love the vanity area in this room with the huge tri-panel mirror...
Portrait Suites Bedroom

Villa le Rose

Villa le Rose

Swan sailing yacht

Who wants to go to Italy now?? Have you stayed at any of the Lungarno Collection hotels? If I got to go back, it would be really hard to not stay at the Hotel Lungarno again, however, the terraces that the Continentale and the Gallery Hotel Art both have are seriously tempting. Which would you choose (pretending that money is no object, of course)?


  1. Wow wow wow!! Their hotel collection is STUNNING. Bookmarking for sure...I have no idea what we're doing for our honeymoon yet, but this definitely gives me some ideas!

  2. So gorgeous!! I have such a soft spot for Florence anyway but those images are stunning!

  3. Love love love this post! I lived in Florence last year and it was the best time of my life. I loved going to Borgo San Jacopo and the Continentale :) Sigh...

  4. Oh how I miss Florence - I moved there after college and found the most perfect little apartment on Borgo San Jacopo - right near that hotel. I had never actually seen the inside of the hotel and WOW. Next time I go back, we will definitely look into staying there!

  5. What a great post dahhling.. particularly loved the alfresco dinning & interior photos of the Borgo San Jacopo restaurant.

  6. This is heaven ... the views, alfresco dinning, fabulous decor and the location isn't too shabby either!