Art Rental?

Can't remember how, but I stumbled upon a new online gallery called Rise Art. The unique thing about this UK-based e-gallery is that they actually offer artwork for rent. Their mantra is "Discover, Rent, Love it?, Keep it." Basically you can test out a piece for a monthly fee. 50% credit from rentals can go towards an eventual purchase so if you are slow to bite the bullet, at least you get some of your money back once you buy. Interesting concept, right?

I didn't have much time to browse, but I did see this painting, The Two of You, by Tahnee Lonsdale and it pulled me right in. It sells for £1,600 (roughly $2,500) and rents for £55/month...
The Two of You, by Tahnee Lonsdale, 2011, acrylic and charcoal on wood board 

Then I clicked through to the artist's profile and found that I liked a lot of her other work as well...
Bear Is My Only Comfortby Tahnee Lonsdale, 2011, acrylic and charcoal on wood board

Tiger, My Love, by Tahnee Lonsdale

Are you loving Tahnee Lonsdale's work too? I am dying over Tiger, My Love but it looks like it's been sold.

What do you think of the Rise Art concept? Would you ever rent art for a while before committing to buy it?

Rather than being a Netflix for art, Rise Art is clearly using the term "rental" to mitigate buyer's remorse and help people ease into buying original artwork by giving them an out. Purchasing art is very daunting for some because it's relatively expensive and seems like a permanent bond with a semi-superfluous item that you just "met." It's kind of like marrying some really fun and exciting stranger in Vegas...and Rise lets you spend a bit more time with the stranger before tying the knot ;) You can even meet the stranger's parents (aka the artist). Artists represented on Rise have individual profiles and are part of a community that allows buyers to connect directly with them. Overall, I think it's a pretty cool concept and it will be interesting to see if it makes it over to the US soon. One of the co-founders, Scott Phillips, is from San Francisco so I wouldn't be surprised if it does!


  1. This is a great option for those consumers who need to "test drive" art for their home/space!

  2. Love this artist and the rental concept...There are other great sites like "Quiver" for art options...it would be great for us designers to rent the art for the job or showhouse....with option to buy.
    Happy Weekend.
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  3. What a fascinating & brilliant idea dahhling! They say some of the best ideas are borne out of necessity no? I think I would certainly consider doing so, traditionally I rather enjoy commissioning paintings but this artist you found is absolutely decadent! I too loved the piece that is sold!

  4. Genius idea! Sometimes I see pieces I love and I'll buy and then realize there's no place for it or it doesn't have the effect that I wanted in the room. It's also fun to be able to trade up different pieces as your decor (or mood/season) changes. Perfect for commitment-phobes - hope this comes to the states soon!

    Also loving The Two of You - will definitely have to check out more of Tahnee's work.

  5. These are such gorgeous paintings! We're loving pink and orange this season and these would be so perfect for someone who likes to redesign or update their rooms every now and again!

  6. Art rentals are a great way to get to know a piece without the scary commitment. We've been doing it here in the US with Artsicle for over a year now. You can check us out here - www.artsicle.com

  7. I don´t think it is a bad idea. Imagine you buy an expensive painting and take it to your house. Your friends start comeing and they tell you they don´t like it. What do you do? You have already spent a fortune. So you start feeling miserble, that would be normal, I get it. So it is a good idea to bring it to your home by renting, see if people like it, and then you can buy it or return it. The same happens with property. Last year I saw an apartment in buenos aires  I loved but the distribution of rooms was rare. I was not sure if I wanted to buy it so I rented it and showed it to my family. Once they said it was awesome, I agreed to purchase it!