Colorful Glass and Ceramic Lamps

Shades of Light has some snazzy new lamps that come in fresh, vibrant colors that you might like to know about. They are basic but still bring plenty of personality and style to the table. First off, I'm lovin' the Recycled Glass Ball Table Lamp...the blue and green are gorgeous and could be put in almost any style of room. They are about $300 per lamp...

And second, the Pop Color Modern Ceramic Lamp is a double gourd ceramic style that comes in seven colors and each one comes with a glossy drum shade with a contrasting lining. My favorites are the soft coral and the navy.  The coral comes with a matching shade with aqua lining and the Navy has a white shade with navy lining. They are about $400 per lamp, so unfortunately they aren't a bargain, but I'm sure they are worth it especially given the special shades.

As I've rattled on about before, lamps are essential to most rooms. They can play an important role in the style profile and color story of the space. Even if everything else is pretty vanilla, you can really make a difference by using bold lamps...they're like sprinkles ;)

Have you been shopping for lamps lately? Found any good sources? What do you think of the ones above?


  1. mmmm those glossy shades are so delish!!

  2. These are like your turquoise ones in your den that I love! I don't see an offer in that color here, so can you tell me where you purchased them?