Prints Etc. Handprinted Custom Fabric

Lately I feel like the Goldilocks of fabric selection. It seems that every time I find the perfect pattern, it doesn't come in the colorway that I need...or if I find the right color, the style isn't right. It's super annoying and I often wish that ordering high quality, custom fabric was an easier endeavor.

Bob Burns, the founder of Prints Etc., obviously understands my angst because he set up his fabric company to cater to customization. Prints Etc. is one of the few groups that offers handprinted fabrics that can be ordered on any ground (there are 10 and that includes linens, silks, and outdoor) in any one of their 42 colors (plus custom colors are available). Wow...

Besides the color and fabric options, I love the mix of designs that Bob and his wife Lenore have come up with. Their collection of prints includes a very unique and diverse mix of styles. You'll find everything from stately damasks and painterly flowers to mod geometrics. The following are some of my favorites:

End Papers - Maze

Easton - Dharma

Teddy - Isadora - Medina

This line is actually not represented by a showroom here in Dallas, so I'm not sure about the pricing yet, but I'll assume that the cost is reflective of the quality and craftsmanship inherent in their product (i.e. not inexpensive). When the budget allows, it's definitely worth the extra expense to get exactly what you want.

What are your thoughts on the fabric designs of Prints Etc.? The idea of being able to get the print I want in just the right color sounds like heaven to me!


  1. I love this tip! How interesting. And I love the designs too. Thanks

  2. They are beautiful! And from Jersey! We will check it out at the studio in NYC and let you know pricing. Your blog is so informative and well written. Mucho thanks.

  3. Loving those fabrics and that you can get them in almost every color.

  4. wonderful find! Thanks. I love the last green print.