Unsaturated + Saturated Living Room Board

It's been a while since I posted a design board, so I decided to create one that shows a living room scheme. I started with a fabulous smoky coal gray sofa from Jayson Home and a few bold pieces of art by Susie Reiss that I saw on Artsicle (another gallery that offers a rental option like Rise Art). The idea was to bring subdued tones together with saturated ones. I also mixed some rather classic pieces with more modern wares. Have a look...

Untitled 2003.25 by Susie Reiss
Touch by Susie Reiss
Greta Table - Jayson Home
Ellis Sofa - Jayson Home
Olin Grey Rug - Crate & Barrel

Well, what do you think? Do you like the color mix? There is a lot of pink and red and I'm really liking how those shades look with the greys. Do you have any favorite items? I love the wild lime chair with the retro fabric...the shape is amazing. Unfortunately, it's part of a pair that is pretty pricey. On the unsaturated side, I really like the vintage aerial photograph. Because of the rural landscape, as first glance it looks like abstract art.


  1. Wow Kyle! What a beautiful room. Thank you so much for including the silk pink pillows from Shop Ten 25, they look fabulous in the mix.

  2. I absolutely love that couch! AND the brass/gold table. I've been searching estate sales here in Oklahoma in the hopes of finding a vintage one but have had no luck. Great room!


  3. That couch is amazing, love the color!

  4. Kyle,
    This room is gorgeous!! I love love LOVE it!! More please :)

  5. great especially the lounge chair. happy new week!

  6. Love this design board... great mix, and always a hit with stripes, for me! Love the teeny pop of lime green.

  7. Hi Kyle! I just found your blog through Pinterest :) This is a beautiful mood board...I would love for you to join in on our mood board link-up :) Can't wait to read more of your blog!


    XO Samantha
    Designer in Teal