The Art of Caroline Wright on OKL

Today One King's Lane's A Day of Art begins and I'm particularly excited to see that works by Caroline Wright are included in the Emerging Artists offering. I've been a fan of this talented young artist's paintings for some time now and it's wonderful to see that her amazing work is being showcased to OKL's nearly 4 million members.

For the event, reproductions of the artists' original work are being sold. Truth be told, I'm much more of a proponent of buying original works, however, we all have budgets and it's difficult to find good original art that costs less than $300 (which is the price point of the prints).

Of Wright's work that's included in the sale, I particularly like Summer Shadows which is available as a print through OKL and the original can be purchased directly through Caroline. The original is acrylic on paper, and the piece is a continuation of her Migration series, which are seasonal pieces that capture natural rhythms and movement elapsing over time.

Summer Shadows by Caroline Wright

I was also happy to see Crepuscule with Nellie, which is a favorite piece of mine. It's from her Lines Ballet series. I used it in this bedroom design board last year...

Caroline maintains a great website and I urge you to go there and explore. She posts large, clear, well-organized images of her current and past work and you can really get a sense of her process and point of view by clicking through the oeuvre. Her portfolio is extraordinarily diverse and each piece deserves attention so grab some coffee or a glass of wine before you start trolling through.

Under the Current work category, I'm really loving all of the Accident and Incident series including the following:
Fragments for Sappho, by Caroline Wright, 2011 - acrylic, gesso on rice paper 39×72″

Tropicalia by Caroline Wright, 2011 - acrylic on rice paper, 39x72"

This beauty is from the playful and exuberant Under the Canopy series...
Folds of Twilight by Caroline Wright,  2011 - acrylic, ink, and graphite on rice paper, mounted on canvas, 48x72"

In the Archive, there are countless gems but Tunnel of Childhood no. 1 as shown below really grabbed my attention...

And many works from The Drip and the Line series go to the top of my list, including this one:

Martine Chaisson Gallery in New Orleans represents some of Caroline's work so be sure to stop by if you're ever in that area. It's a gorgeous gallery and they've curated quite a nice collection of art. I'm swooning over their ballroom which is available for private events...
3rd floor ballroom at the Martine Chaisson Gallery

3rd floor ballroom at the Martine Chaisson Gallery

They have Carnival, which is yet another favorite...

So, tell me what you think of Caroline Wright's artwork. I'm pretty transfixed by all that she creates and judging from her bio, she's a really interesting person and a committed artist. I hope to meet her and see her artwork in person sometime soon!

Have you shopped and of the One King's Lane's A Day of Art sales yet? I obviously perused the Emerging Artists set and I need to go shop the others now. If you're on OKL now or later, be sure to take a look at the Design-Blogger Tastemaker Tag Sale that I'm participating in. It goes on through Saturday and there are still plenty of good things up for grabs.


  1. I too love her work, but unfortunately have next to no budget for art. (Boo!) The Drip and The Line series is one of my favorites and I recently completed my first painting inspired by her August's Humid Decline. Glad to see her beautiful work being recognized and I dream of the day when I can afford a real piece!!

  2. I love the pink with the navy in the room that you put together!


  3. Kyle, Did you know she's a Texas girl...lives right here in Austin. Ironically, I had a client order a piece from her without realizing she was a local. Caroline's going to deliver the piece to her house! Hoping to be there to meet her in person.

  4. The ballroom gallery is amazing dahhling!

  5. fabulous! love the artist!