Kim Parker Art + Textiles

If your home is in need of a jolt of color and vitality, then consider bringing in some of Kim Parker's creations. A painter whose work has attracted attention from heavy-hitting retailers like Bloomingdale's and licensing deals with companies like Spode and the Rug Company, Kim Parker has built a little empire with her art. Not only can you purchase KP's original works and prints for your walls, you can also buy her pillows, rugs, fabric, bedding, accessories, and stationery.

Not surprisingly, I really like her bold, quirky textiles. Pillows, rugs, and fabrics are produced under her own label,  and can be purchased directly through her online store. These hand-embroidered 100% New Zealand wool pillows are super fresh and fun:

Kim Parker Home® Designer Pillow Collection

KP's Jeweled Garden fabric is available by the yard in silk shantung, linen, and velvet. I love this for draperies in a girls room:
Jeweled Garden from the Kim Parker Home® Fabric Collection

Now produced by hand in India (she talks about this on her blog), Kim Parker Home® rugs are packed with the same exuberant, colorful original designs as the other textiles in the collection. Add one of these to a bland space and trust that it will no longer be boring to the eye. As you can imagine, many of the styles are floral but I'm more partial to the geometric and abstract ones:
"Cantaloupe Stripe" Throw Rug

Kim Parker Home® "Samba" Plush Designer Rug, © Kim Parker 2009. All rights reserved.

I loved this one that the Rug Company produced when KP was collaborating with them:
Blue Rink rug, © Kim Parker 2009. All rights reserved.

Kim Parker Home® produces lots of bedding. The "Anil's Garden" design is available in a Kantha pillow and quilt set. I love its funky boho vibe:
Kim Parker Home® Kantha Quilt "Anil's Garden"

And to wrap up, we have to go back to the brand's foundation, Kim's artwork. I'm a fan of Kim Parker's paintings, which can be viewed on her online gallery. She is a brilliant colorist and has a knack for creating movement, life, and texture. Her floral pieces area really beautiful...here's one of my favorites (it's for sale):
"Morea Garden" ©Kim Parker 2010. 20'' x 26"; acrylic on canvas.

And I was immediately drawn to many of her abstract works...most of the ones on my wish list are from her Urban Essay series. I'd love to have a set of them hanging in my house. Although I insist that you go look at the whole lot, here are a few examples:

"Urban Essay No. 1" 22'' X 30'' ; Acrylic on paper ©Kim Parker 2012. All rights reserved.

"Urban Essay No. 24" 22'' X 30'' ; Acrylic on paper ©Kim Parker 2012. All rights reserved.

"Urban Essay No. 3" 22'' X 30'' ; Acrylic on paper ©Kim Parker 2012. All rights reserved.

What do you think of the Kim Parker Home set? I can't help but love all of the color and flowers. And it's so great to see an artist's work used in so many different iterations. It must be pretty wild to see your art on everything from plates to pillows! 

I also applaud her for progressing beyond the licensing deals with the larger companies. With her own brand, she decides how her products are manufactured and distributed which puts her closer to the artisans who produce everything. That freedom and control helps ensure that her vision is executed and I'm sure it will keep the brand from becoming overexposed and generic.


  1. I love Kim Parker's home line - her use of color amazes me every time I see her work! Her book is worth checking out, too!

  2. Wow! I really like the colors Kim uses. I may have to take a look at her prints. You're right, they'd add such a splash of color and it would be a nice touch coming into Spring. Love those rugs too!!!

  3. She's amazing. Thanks for the introduction, Kyle.

  4. Amazing colors!!! Love both the pillows and paintings! Wonderful colors!!

  5. I agree - love the colors and florals! The cantaloupe striped rug is my favorite. It looks great against the dark hard wood floor and white couch.