Random Rug Resource - PB Teen

Would you ever think to buy a rug at PB Teen? Well, if you're on the hunt for inexpensive rug options, you should check them out. I spotted a couple of good-looking options and they are all well under $1k for an 8'x10' size. Here are my favs:

They have some good options, don't you think? I REALLY like the Dhurrie at the top of the list and I think the Leaf Medallion is super cute too. And I can picture the hot pink kilim layered over a larger Plain Jane sisal to add some excitement.

I have no way to accurately judge the quality but based on the price, these are probably not forever rugs. They are fun and trendy and would be ideal for low traffic zones like guest bedrooms or in spaces where the decor is somewhat temporary (i.e. apartments, nurseries, or kids rooms).


  1. These are great rugs for the price points!

  2. Oh, nice! Such a great resource! Never would have looked here.

  3. That flame pattern is fun! I love PBteen. I see stuff in their catalog all the time that could trascend the "teen" demographic.