Accessories That Work

While I love home accessories, I get a irritated with decor for decor's sake. I'm not a huge nicknack girl and I hate faux fruit/floral and that sort of thing. I prefer that dual-purpose accessories - to me, almost everything should be useful and decorative (and yes, real flowers count as useful)!

If you simply make sure that everything in plain view serves a purpose and aesthetically contributes to the space, then you're on the right track. For instance, if you use matches to light candles all of the time, why not get a snazzy looking pack of matches that not only does its job, but also looks good while it's sitting out?

It's all about upgrading to well-designed items that will get some use and emit style. Thoughtful details - even seemingly insignificant ones like a candy dish - can complete the look of a room, so don't overlook them. To illustrate my point, here are some accessories picks that look cool and serve a purpose:

1) Caldrea Refillable Hand Soap - Grounded - $18
2) Graphic Image Python Photo Album - Barney's - $195
3) Dolomite Alarm Clock - Barn Light Electric - $50
4) Turning Triangles Terrarium - Urban Outfitters - $39
5) Mercer Golden White Tray - Vivre  $290
6) Fallen Birch Branch Votive Set - Terrain - $48
7) Blue Potted Accent Lamp - World Market - $25

Soap: Next to every sink, there should be soap so don't miss out on the opportunity to make a necessity a stylish accessory.

Photo Albums: In the age of digital photos, flipping through a real photo album has become a rare event. In the spirit of nostalgia, print some of your favorite pics to fill a gorgeous album like this python knock-out and keep it on your coffee table.

Clocks: Even though I religiously wear a watch at all times, it's still nice to have clocks around, especially in bedrooms.

Planters: Plants and flowers are the ultimate accessory, but only when they are properly displayed so be sure to complement natural accents with a chic planter, vase, or better yet, a mod terrarium! Orchids and succulents are my faves because they last a long time and require very little maintenance.

Trays: Stacking and grouping objects in a tray is a quick way to make an area look a bit more polished and orderly. Plus the tray makes it easier to move said objects.

Candles: Candles put off good light and good smells and unfortunately, they become necessary during power outages, so sprinkle them around.

Lamps: If you only have one "accessory" in your house, make it a lamp and make a statement with it. It's hard to go wrong with shapely color-saturated lamps.

Boxes: Pretty boxes conceal not-so-pretty things like remotes, phone chargers, business cards, and the like.

Well...what are your thoughts on the matter? Do you like your home accessories to serve a purpose too? Or are you ok with purely decorative accents? I'm not entirely dogmatic about the form-function balance but I don't like too many objets. It's definitely a slippery slope with nicknacks...I'd say one or two per room is a good limit!


  1. Definitely a slippery slope... I'm not sure I'm doing the best job navigating it! We've been in our home almost two years and rooms are still on the sparse side because I'm afraid of cluttering them up. Love the guidance you shared above! And geez... those Vivre trays are killing me. I need one... or two.

  2. I 100% agree with you on not adding decor just for decor's sake. That is a surefire way to create clutter and jumble up the place where you set your drink or place your read du jour. Love your picks for this post and am now going to look for a box for my remotes...

  3. Great post...and I totally agree -- accessories should not be overlooked. They make the room a room!