Artist Crush: Jeremy Miranda

For some time now, I've been stalking the work of Jeremy Miranda. I follow his blog and regularly visit his Etsy shop - always fighting off the urge to buy and hoard everything he produces. I haven't pulled the trigger yet, but I'm hoping that at least one will be mine at some point in the near future! The problem is that I want one of his larger pieces and they have larger price tags, so I'll just have to be patient.

Simply put, Jeremy Miranda is incredibly gifted. He has a knack for putting his technical dexterity and his seemingly limitless imagination together to create artwork that is engaging, thought-provoking, and beautiful. I am completely captivated by his style and the subject matter he depicts...it's so fresh and unique.  And JM is masterful with color. The palette in each piece articulates a very specific mood and feeling.

I'd describe Miranda's work as mesmerizing in that he creates these dreamy, enchanting scenes. His paintings often show a world that combines realistic and surrealistic elements...and those are some of my favorite pieces because he takes the familiar and alters it so that you see it from an entirely different perspective.

Anyhow, I could keep going with the art babble, but I won't. You need to get on to the good stuff...behold a few selections from Jeremy Miranda's impressive oeuvre:

Night Harvest - included in upcoming group show "Narrative Fragments"  at Quidley & Company in Boston
Library by the Sea, archival print of original painting, available via Etsy

Searching, acrylic on wood panel, sold via Sebastian Foster
Two Chairs, acrylic on paper

we'll have you down sometime, acrylic on canvas

guest house, acrylic on canvas

micro climate, acrylic on panel, 2009

 This is one example from his series of icebergs. In terms of the simple, straightforward subject matter, they are so different from the other work shown in this lineup. I would LOVE to collect these!
Iceberg at Dusk, acrylic on canvas, available via Sebastian Foster

Ladder, acrylic on wood panel, 2012 - sold via Sebastian Foster

Containers, acrylic on wood panel, available through Sebastian Foster

Shipwreck in the Surf, available through Quidley & Co.

Well, what do you think? Any favorite pieces? If you're completely obsessed like I am, you really must check out more of his work on JeremyMiranda.com, his Etsy site (where you can buy affordable prints), and at representing galleries Sebastian Foster and Quidley & Company. Next time I'm in Austin, I'm hoping to pop into Sebastian Foster to see some of the paintings in person.


  1. i have been stalking his work on Etsy for a while now too! i love his greenhouse at night painting. i live in Austin & did not know his work was here in town. thanks for the head's up!!

  2. so crazy to keep seeing jeremy on the blogs.....we have been neighbors since elementary school.

  3. Thank you so much for all the kind words and for the more than generous post. You've made my week.