My Recent Blogging Activities

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! I had big plans to use some of the down time to get caught up on my blogging life, and as usual, it didn't happen. I can, however, share a few recent guest posts that I've done and a partnership that I'm just getting started with. So I suppose I've been doing some blogging lately...just not on Knight Moves!

First, my bud Meg Biram asked me to contribute on her snazzily-redesigned blog MegBiram.com, and I provided an overview of the elements of a reupholstery/refinishing plan. My goal was to help anyone looking to put a professional upholstery project into the works. I tried to lay out the general map of the decisions that need to be made so you will be prepared when the upholsterer creates the order and starts asking questions. I'm planning to write a follow-up to the post that goes into more specific options for each element.

Anyhow, I gave a little peek of the new upholstered bed I had made for the guest room in our house to illustrate how a fabric with a large pattern/design repeat looks on a large piece of upholstery (plus it has contrast cording, tape, and upholstery nail details, which I also talk about in the post). The next step in this room is to get new bed linens...

Also, on Home Depot's blog, The Apron, I was asked to participate in a Christmas Style Challenge along with some other bloggers. I was given materials from HD to decorate my front door. Keep in mind that I was given them in October so I looked like a total lunatic out on my porch decorating for Christmas before Halloween! I can only imagine what my neighbors thought when they saw me out front photographing the scene. I still haven't mustered up the spirit to get everything out again!

And finally, my favorite shopping arena in Dallas, Highland Park Village, invited me to be a part of a group of style influencers and partner up with some of their stores to style a few looks. I got paired up with Robert Talbott. As the brand primarily focuses on menswear, I'd never really shopped there before, but was thrilled to find that they have amazing cashmere sweaters and perfectly tailored button-ups. Here's one of the crazy-comfy sweaters I got to wear...

I'll be posting more on Highland Park Village and Robert Talbott, so stay tuned for those goods!


  1. Omg that headboard! I'm in love! I want to see more!

  2. youre so cute! I love that headboard!
    xo Nancy