Lamps in Every Shade of the Rainbow

Let it be know that you can now get virtually any color of lamp for $99 thanks to Color + Plus™, a new line that Lamps Plus is now carrying. The Ovo Lamp, is glass (I initially thought it was ceramic) is made in California...hooray that it's not made in China! With each lamp, you're able to select a made-to-order drum shade in either a print or a solid, so the world is your oyster. You can view all of the colors here, but here's this sampling to spark your interest...

What I like best is that the colors are matched to existing, documented colors so I can reference my Pantone or Sherwin Williams decks before ordering. I'm always bemoaning the fact that more manufacturers and retailers don't use Pantone to identify colors.

Here are some of my favorite hues shown with the plain white linen drum shades...

Although I'm not fully in love with the brushed steel accents, I think the Ovo has a great modern-but-not-too-modern look. I can definitely see them in kids' rooms and family rooms. If you're looking to use the Ovo in a more formal space, then you might consider changing the base to an acrylic one to dress it up a bit (which you should be able to do yourself, but it's hard to say for sure without seeing it in person).

I would also suggest ditching the banal metal ball finial and upgrading that element of the lamp. Check out The Finial Touch...they have some fab lamp toppers on sale for only $25! While they aren't on sale, I do love the malachite beauties in the Bon Vivant Collection...


  1. Love these lamps and their price! It's about time some chic lamps became available at a more reasonable price point! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Holy Moley! What a great idea. Sometimes you just need a good inexpensive lamp and don't want to be at mercy of Home Goods for color and shape selection. Thanks for sharing!

  3. So glad you love the finials...we're mad for malachite! Xo Hillary