Two Texan Companies to Know About

I gotta tell you about two companies that make some of my new favorite home accessories...both are located in the Lone Star state! First up is CeramicaBotanica, an Etsy shop that I stumbled upon while trolling for vintage barware for a client. CeramicaBotanica sells handmade, one-of-a-kind ceramic bowls, vases, platters, plates, trays, Christmas ornaments, and even house numbers! The woman at the helm of the kiln, Susan Rodriguez, obviously loves color and pattern and she knows how to work 'em. Her patterns are fresh and fun...most have a bit of a mod vibe. She also constructs some pieces using inventive shapes (i.e. fat teardrop-shaped apps plates). Have a look...

Appetizer Plate in Avocado Green - $32

Ceramic Tray - $75

Colorful Rain Serving Bowl - $60

Serving Bowl Grey Ornate and Aqua - $32

Blue Woodland Wildflower Salad Bowl - $175

Isn't CeramicaBotanica fabulous? I want to get a tray and a set of those appetizer plates. Anything in the shop would make a fantastic gift, in case you're still on the hunt for Christmas presents!

Next, I wanted to tell you about Fehr Fara, the makers of the genius Inside & Out Pillow. These pillows are reversible, so you get two looks! Fehr Fara was created by a husband and wife team and the company is based in Houston. Here are some of their lovely creations...

If I were picking Inside & Out Pillows for myself I'd go for the "Y" Navy & Navy Solid and the
Iconcentric Cornflower Blue & Cornflower Blue Solid. I got a bit excited about the prospect of designing around them - and a CeramicaBotanica Rain Cup/Bowl - and did a little partial living room board...
Colton Sofa - $1,539  ---  Cicero Cocktail Table - $2,128  ---   Rags to Riches Rug White - $399
Paper Lantern by Jay Zerbe via Saatchi Online

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