Art on My Mind

I'm eternally searching art for clients' homes and of course, my own too. During my missions, there are always pieces that that I just can't get over (whether they are available for purchase or not). If I had a bigger bank account, I'd happily buy them all. But until then, I'll just have to digitally obsess. Join me... 

Blues Section, 2011 by Stanford Kay - acrylic on canvas, 38x42" - via Wally Workman Gallery

By Sarah Giannobile

Boundary of Surface, by Danna Ray - via Nahcotta

Lost and Found, 2012, by Madeline Denaro, acrylic with polymers on canvas, 65x63"

October, 2012, by Belynda Henry, acrlyic on canvas, 36x66"

Solarium, 2012, by Jeremy Miranda, acrylic on panel, 16x20" - via Mammoth and Company

Hemoglobin, by Erin McIntosh, 20"sq - via Gregg Irby Fine Art

Fathom Painting No.1, 2010, by Oliver Jeffers, oil and letraset on canvas, 28x48"

Cellar Stairs, 2012, by Jeremy Miranda, acrylic on wood panel, 14x18" - via Sebastian Foster

Ugh, I wish my art budget was bigger! I seriously covet all of the above. Maybe I'll get one as a Valentine's Day or birthday gift :) Art is definitely the perfect present since it can be enjoyed for a lifetime - it's just too bad that it's rarely inexpensive!


  1. What a lovely little virtual collection of art. I especially love the October painting.

  2. thank you so much for including my painting here in this stellar list of artists! Lovely blog too!