Thrive Home Furnishings

I recently came across Thrive Home Furnishings and I'm pretty curious about the quality of their goods, because they:
  1. Have good prices (sofas under $2k)
  2. Offer free shipping both ways
  3. Have a 365-day return policy and a lifetime warranty
  4. Make their furniture in the USA
  5. Provide comprehensive dimensions with drawings
  6. Send free fabric sample kits
  7. Promise a 3 week lead time!?!
Besides those perks, I really like some of their designs. The general aesthetic is mid-century-modern-esque, so a few pieces lean a bit too far in that direction for most of my projects. I especially like Thrive's sofas and sectionals, like these...
Sullivan Loveseat - $1,199 -- Tyler Sectional - $2,999 -- Nixon Sofa - $1,899

Have any of you ordered from Thrive? I need some feedback and reviews. I'm always nervous to test new sources...especially non-local ones. I'm going to order a sample kit and check out their fabrics. Stay tuned!


  1. So curious to see what you find out. I've loved their designs for awhile now but don't have first hand knowledge.

  2. I'm looking at their Facebook page right now and they have a ton of fans. Interesting!


  3. They look great! I'm loving the fabrics!

  4. I'm willing to be your test dummy if it comes with design services :)