Cheap & Chic Accent Pillows

Just like in fashion, there are lots of funky, daring prints for the home that are popular right now. And just like with fashion, trying out these bold trends is more palatable if the cost isn't too steep. Financial commitment often takes the fun out of things, doesn't it?!?

So, I give you a roundup of some impactful accent pillows that are all under $130 (most are under $100). If you're looking to add some life to a sofa, chair, or bed, but don't want to spend too much, one of these might work...

1) Bamboo Pink Embroidered Pillow - $70 - Zinc Door
2) Tribal Pebble Embroidered Pillow - $100 - Zinc Door
4) Doha Metallic Silver Organic Hemp Pillow Cover - $75 - Etsy seller melongings
5) Magical Thinking Crewel Ikat Pillow - $44 - Urban Outfitters
7) Orchid Vine Pillow Cover - $36 - Etsy seller ClothandINK
8) Kasai Cloth Lumbar Pillow - $69 - Etsy seller MarthaAndAsh

From the source list you might notice that many are from Etsy, which is one of my favorite sources for well-priced pillows. Besides sellers like WoodyLiana, who makes high quality pillows from trade-only fabrics, I tend to buy from sellers who produce hand-printed textiles or who design their own prints. I keep tabs on these makers:

skinny laminx (a Cape Town gal!)
Eastern Home Decor (good for ikats)


  1. Must have the emerald houndstooth (as I have a slight obsession with the colour of the year). So fun!


    1. I LOVE that one and it's less than $50?!?! God bless Etsy, right?

  2. Wow - what a great round up of bold, beautiful pillows!
    Thanks for including my hand dyed and hand printed emerald green lumbar pillow with the other gorgeous finds.

    1. Giardino, your green pillow is one of my all-time favorites! Keep up the good work :)

  3. Love finding our items in such a great blog as yours. Thank you for including our Kasai Cloth lumbar ;)
    Ash of Martha & Ash