Good Bones

I always fall for classic architecture with buttoned-up, proper millwork. Good bones, as many of us like to call it, can elevate almost any set of furnishings. Context is very powerful! Which is why smart art directors often scout stately spaces for photo shoots.

Ralph Lauren Home's new Iconic Design collection looks pretty fabulous in this not-so-humble abode. I LOVE the modern black and white painted floor against the traditional paneling and mouldings...
Image via Ralph Lauren Home
 I'm salivating over this Brook Street Desk...and of course, I'd love for this gorgeous, light-filled blue room to be my office :)
Image via Ralph Lauren Home

And a last one from the Iconic Design set, this faux croc Brook Street Chest looks like it deserves its $8k price tag in the luxe, perfectly trimmed out room. I'm not so sure that it would in another space!
Image via Ralph Lauren Home

And of course, the French have it easy in terms of shooting in spaces with stunning, intricate millwork. Even humble, insignificant spaces in Paris look grand thanks to the hand-applied trim and moulding that seems to be everywhere there. Textile house Lelièvre Paris takes advantage of this situation and smartly showcases their fabrics in rooms with EXCELLENT bones!

This shot showcases one of my favorite fabrics, Twist, from the Sonia Rykiel Maison collection...
Image via Lelièvre Paris

Image via Lelièvre Paris

Image via Lelièvre Paris

I'm not totally sure what's going on with the floor in this pic, but I think I love it...
Image via Lelièvre Paris

 Couldn't resist calling out the exquisite fabric used on the draperies above...it's another fav of mine, Camondo...

And finally, Farrow & Ball chose a spot with awesome paneling and trim to show off their latest wallpapers. Here's the lovely Ocelot looking great on the wall...

And Tessella, which looks terrific in the same millwork setup...

So, three cheers for good bones! Unfortunately, most homes built after WWII were not graced with intricate trim and moulding so it's definitely not the norm in the US. I live in a 1950s ranch house so my world looks nothing like the spaces above. I am super jealous of that setup and one day hope to own a home that is decked out with millwork from a bygone era!


  1. I mean...the moulding!!!!! My dream is to have a pre-war home with that incredible moulding and trim...prob never.going.to.happen!! xo

    1. I have the same dream...too bad we live in Dallas and pre-war isn't so common!!