Mirror Hunt

I've been hunting for a mirror for my bathroom and it needs to be a certain size (around 30" wide and over 40" tall) and it must be shapely (i.e. not a plain rectangle). It will go over my makeup vanity and I want it to have some personality and preferably cost less than $1,000! Here are a few that I've been eyeing...

1) Bethany Grey Mirror - 34.25"W x 48.25"H - $1,870
Scallop Edge Mirror - 25"W x 40"H - $187
3) Ebony Hand Carved Arche Mirror - 32"W x 52"H - $509
4) Jonathan Adler Rococo Mirror - 40"H x 28"W - $595
5) Framed Rectangular Mirror - 30"W x 40"H - $643
7) Venetian Arche Mirror - 29"W x 43"H - $599
8) Audrey Mirror - 30"W x 43"H - $702 

Any favorites? #1, #5, and #7 are at the top of my list. Unfortunately #1 is way more than I wanted to spend!


  1. Pretty! Love numbers eight and five, simple chic. Got my eye on your next posts.

  2. I love #7 but they are all beautiful. It is so hard to find inexpensive mirrors!

  3. Love! I like #7 the best. it is so hard to find inexpensive mirrors. I am looking for one myself right now!

  4. In the event that you're still looking, the Horchow Finale location in Grapevine has lots of similar large mirrors for around $499. I got a greek key trimmed venetian style and am so excited to work it into our new bathroom!