Rosenthal Mini Vases

I recently celebrated my 31st birthday and one of my favorite gifts I received was a Rosenthal mini vase. Legendary tabletop brand Rosenthal, a 130 year-old company, is staying hip and relevant with this rather new and somewhat edgy collection of mini vases, of which mine is a part. I was given the one called Surface, which is a matte white Cubist-looking little cutie. All of them are an adorable and utilitarian 3-4" tall (bud vases are fantastic for extending the life of cut flowers). Here's mine on my desk...

I totally want to collect all of them now because they'd look stunning as a collection, especially against a dark table or backdrop (I'm picturing them filled with hot pink buds on a marble mantel against black walls)!

If you're itching to collect them too, the itty bitty vases can be purchased directly from Rosenthal or at Bloomingdale's.


  1. I am smitten with these Rosenthal vases...so beautiful!


    Dominique @ ComfyCozyCouture.blogspot.com

  2. These vases are really antic and outstanding..:)

  3. Those are stunning! I love the paper bag vase ;)