Paul Schneider Ceramics

I feel the need to tell you all about Dallas native Paul Schneider's exquisite ceramic pieces. Just when I thought I was totally sick of all things chevron, I spotted one of Paul's pieces arranged amongst some gorgeous Waylande Gregory and Kelly Wearstler goodies at Forty Five Ten. My chevron-jadedness flew out the window and I immediately wanted one of the big gold zig-zag vases as soon as I laid eyes on it.

Like my beloved WG and KW, PS puts metallic glaze and bold graphic patterns to good use and produces some swanky yet fun lookin' vessels and objets. I would highly recommend that you consider investing in one of Paul's works if you're on the hunt for a statement-making accessory or two (and he also makes killer lamps). Each is handmade and no two are alike and they are just stunning in person. Besides Forty Five Ten, you can buy at the Paul Schneider Ceramics store. Browse now and shop later...

Photo via Forty Five Ten

Photo via Forty Five Ten

And here are some of the lamps as featured on Paul's Instagram feed...

Here's an examples of one of his inlaid glass pieces...

Love these textural turquoise vases...

Pretty cool stuff, isn't it? Any favorite pieces? I'm hoping to see more lamps. Would love one in a pattern like the concentric half-circles like in the pic above. And I'm wondering if there is rose gold glaze...then my hoarding tendencies would really flare up!

Keep up with Paul's latest creations on the Paul Schneider Ceramics Facebook page and via Instagram.


  1. Too funny. I was just visiting Dallas and popped in 4510. I found Paul's chevron catchalls nestled along with Waylande Gregory..assuming it was one and the same. I wish I had gotten one. Haven't stopped thinking about it and now see this. A sign? I think so! Off to buy!

    ~ Elizabeth

  2. Ooh I love those! Thanks so much for sharing that source!

  3. I love how brilliant the gold is. It definitely makes for a stunning piece!