Painterly Pillows

I've been noticing a refreshing paradigm shift in textiles lately, especially when it comes to the fabrics being used for pillows. Free-form, painterly patterns and watercolor-esque hues are stealing some attention away from the ubiquitous graphic patterns and opaque inks that we see far too often these days.

The ones I've liked best are from Rebecca Atwood, who hand-paints and hand-screenprints her fabrics, along with Megan Adams (who does some hand-screening too), and Eskayel, a company that reproduces hand-painted patterns. I also love the one-off designs of Kindah Khalidy, but there aren't that many pillows at her shop. Here's a lineup of my top picks:

And I know some of you are thinking, "These pillows are great, but they are probably too funky for my house." Well, here are a few mock-ups to show you how these semi-edgy little accents can work on rather conservative upholstered pieces...

Megan Adams Baubles, Blues - WoodyLiana Christopher Farr Cloth Pillow
Jayson Home Dalloway Sofa - Sanford Design Greek Key ThrowVanguard Cocktail Table
Madeline Weinrib Jacqueline Cotton Flatweave

Stark Natura Rug

Cococozy Maroc Etoile Cotton Pillow - Eskayel Dynasty - Slate - Rebecca Atwood Diagonal Dip Dyed Stripe
Jayson Home Hunter Sofa - $1,596 (on sale right now!)
Furbish Vintage Shiraz Rug - Fulton Ottomans

Thoughts on the matter? Are you loving this relatively new crop of textile designs as much as I am? My favorites out of the bunch are Megan Adams' Baubles, BluesRebecca Atwood's Spots, and Kindah's painted pillow (the gold tassels are just amazing). What about you?


  1. Replies
    1. My pleasure! I just adore what you're doing...keep up the good work!

  2. So in love with Rebecca Atwood's things annnd Eskayel, but now I must check out all of these other designers you listed!!!

  3. Rebeccas pillows are just gorgeous.