Affordable Fabric Sources

The cost of high quality fabric can be crippling for many budgets. At $50+ per yard (not to mention minimum yardage requirements), a relatively insignificant project can become an expensive one. While I'm a pretty strong advocate for spending extra for the good stuff because it typically looks/wears much better, I understand that there are places where it just doesn't make sense. For instance, I don't often use premium textiles in kids rooms and nurseries or for accents like shower curtains or dog beds. But when sourcing fabric for a major element like a living room ottoman, then I definitely stick with textiles that are truly upholstery-weight because the cost of adding backing to a cheaper fabric often defeats the purpose.

So if you're on the hunt for well priced fabric options for a small budget project, then check out Pink Chalk Fabrics. They have a section of home decor weight fabrics that includes lots of fun prints like these...

Anna Maria Horner Field Study Linen Parenthetical PorpourriTrenna Travis Bekko Billow Kiwi

Fab Mod Dot - Trenna Travis Bekko Tatami Slate

Trenna Travis Bekko Swell NavyAmy Butler Alchemy Fairy Tale Sky LAMINATED

Trenna Travis Bekko Thin Stripe Kiwi - Trenna Travis Bekko Swirl Aqua

Lotta Jansdotter Glimma Kulla SlateTrenna Travis Bekko Parquet Coral

Another good source is City Craft, which is local for me here in Dallas. Thanks to the super talented and hip owner Callie, they have an awesome selection of modern styles including neons, metallic linens, and graphic prints. Check out their Home Decor fabric if you're looking for sturdier weights for small upholstery projects. Here is a tiny sampling of what CC offers:

Ikat - Cherry Fuchsia Pink

Artemis Chartreuse - Beaded Chain Cornflower - ZigZag Coral

I love Bear Hike print or Penguins Blue for a boy's room

I hope that's helpful for some of you. If anyone out there has other recommendations, please share! I store most of my favorites fabrics on this Pinterest board and I usually put bargain options that are suited for kid spaces on this one.


  1. i've shopped at Pink chalk before....pretty good selection of fabrics. I have a few other fave places I go to... :)


  2. Great sources, Kyle. Thanks for sharing. Hey, I was in Dallas yesterday and stumbled upon Michael Cross' gallery. I thought of you since his work reminded me of many of the beautiful pieces you post.

    1. Nice! I haven't been there but I'll definitely check it out.

  3. Thanks for this post. It can be very difficult to find nice fabrics without going through a designer.

  4. Spoonflower as some amazing fabrics offered in a variety of materials, i.e. cotton, voile, linen. Plus the prices can't be beat .

    1. I love Spoonflower, however, I wish they'd add a better home decor weight to their fabric lineup. I don't love the twill one.

  5. This is EXACTLY what I needed for a source on inexpensive fabrics for a girls room! We already exceeded the budget but still need something impacting! Im thinking that Cherry Fushia Pink might be perfect!
    xo Nancy