Bath Accessories with Panache

It can be tough to inject personality into a bathroom. Aside from wallpapering, there isn't much room for "decorating" aside from linens and accessories...unless you want to get into more major modifications like changing fixtures, lighting, and cabinetry. But let's stay on the quick and painless side and focus on some pretty little accessories that can change the look of a bath. It's definitely a space where the details can add up to create a style direction so choose your accoutrements wisely. You might considering using a good-looking version of some, but probably not all, of the following:

  • Soap (I'm pro-pump because it seems more sanitary)
  • Candle (be sure to include a box of matches)
  • Room Spray
  • Tissue Box Cover
  • Covered Jar of Mints (buy wrapped mints)
  • Vase of Fresh Flowers, a Succulent, or an Orchid
  • Decanter of Mouth Wash + Disposable Cups
  • Trash Can (preferably one with a lid)
  • Basket or Box with Extra Toilet Paper
  • Hand Lotion
  • Containers for Q-Tips and Cotton Balls
I keep a slightly different lineup in my master bath than I do in a powder or guest bath. Here's a shot of my vanity that is casually dressed with pink roses and a tray filled with a tissue box, acrylic Q-tip canister, Caldrea soap, perfume, and grape Centrum Chewable vitamins (I'm obsessed with these). I would love to add this Platinum Curved box by Waylande Gregory to the mix...

One of my favorite sources for bath goods is Pigeon & Poodle. They produce a luxe line that includes trays, tissue boxes, canisters, brush holders, pump dispensers, soap dishes, and waste baskets (unfortunately these are not lidded). They have about 20 collections that are constructed with different high-quality materials and all have their own unique vibe. My personal favorites are the Manchester Shagreen and the Rio Porcelain Trays. Here's a sampling:

Pigeon & Poodle also makes really gorgeous frames in many of the same finishes as their bath collections. I'm a big fan of the genuine snakeskin Bergen set and the faux shagreen Oxford collection.

What assortment of accessories are kept in your bathroom? It's hard to find well-made, interesting bath accessories, isn't it? Once you find a good mix, it really does make a difference though. What do you think of Pigeon & Poodle's wares? Although it's not bathroom-related, I'm planning to order a Manchester Tissue Box for my desk...unfortunately I have to keep a Kleenex within reach at all times because of allergies, so I may as well make it a pretty one, right?


  1. What a gorgeous vanity! As good as any magazine picture. Pinning it! XO Ana @ threegoodgrapes.blogspot.com

  2. love this post .... so pretty ... now I need those grape chewable vitamins!!! what are they? they look great in that glass container and I would actually remember to eat them!!

    1. Emma, you've got to try the vitamins! They are pretty much like healthy Skittles :)

  3. What a great idea to keep your vitamins in a pretty container! I leave mine out on the vanity so that' I'll remember to take them, but they don't make the nicest display. Do you mind sharing where you found the jar for your vitamins?

    1. Kalisha, I got that jar so long ago, but I'm pretty sure it's from IKEA!

  4. Love the tray. Can you share the source?

    1. The lacquered tray on my vanity was actually a super cheap find at Homegoods! Plantation sells similar ones that are nicer than mine.

  5. Do you know of an online resource for Pigeon and Poodle? Looks like the website is to the trade only.

  6. What is the source for your lovely carrara pennny round tile? it all looks so lovely! Is your full master bathroom posted on your blog?