Intrigued by Organic Modernism

As far as design goes, I'm a bit of a traditionalist at heart but I crave freshness and truly appreciate uniqueness. I love seeing uncommon points of view and without a doubt, Brooklyn's Organic Modernism has its very own style direction. When I first saw their set of furniture, lighting, and home goods, I immediately knew that my husband would appreciate their aesthetic because it's edgy and has a mid-century modern vibe,  but maintains a natural, handcrafted flavor. To me, most of what they sell reads masculine but it's a sophisticated masculinity (think the opposite of an oversized leather sofa) so it can be easily blended with other styles.

I am totally into the mix of materials that are used throughout their set...lots of wood paired with bronze and brass. I also like to combos of hard lines and organic shapes. In a nutshell, Organic Modernism has really cool stuff that you aren't likely to find anywhere else...and isn't that refreshing? Take a look at this sampling of their wares...

Ming-B Cabinet - Emperor Cabinet with Cloisonne Doors

 AND...Organic Modernism has an awesome gallery of original paintings (that are super well-priced). It looks like they are all created by local Guangzhou artist Hidir Jiang Tapanoglu and curiously enough, dear/elk and George Washington seem to be his preferred subject matter. Here are some of his deer pieces...

And finally, in honor of the upcoming anniversary of our great Nation's independence, here's one of the original paintings of George Washington...

So, what do you think of Organic Modernism's offering? I'm a fan, even though it's not wholly in line with my personal aesthetic. Any favorite pieces? I totally adore the Malibu-B Coffee Table and the Emperor Cabinet (although I'm not 100% sure about the hardware).

Next time I'm in New York I'll have to go check out one of their stores. Have any of you been?

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