Nomi Outdoor Fabrics

Lucky for us, we live in a time where function is catching up to form in the textile world. We have tons of awesome indoor/outdoor fabric options that are soft, pretty, and relatively indestructible. Obviously, they are great for making outdoor spaces look fabulous and unique...what may not be so obvious is that  they are also perfect for interior use.

If you have kids and/or pets (or messy adults), I highly recommend using indoor/outdoor fabric on upholstery that sees daily abuse. It's more expensive up front (for the good stuff usually between $50-90+/yard), but it will hold up and you won't stress over stains because it's super easy to clean (it can even be bleached). And I know you are thinking that outdoor fabrics don't feel good like indoor ones do, but I can assure you that they've come a long way from the good ol' Sunbrella basics that we all know. From a tactile perspective, outdoor textiles are much softer and have better texture on the whole than ever before.

I'm a diehard fan of Perennials but I'm always looking for more sources and I've definitely found one in Nomi. Nomi produces gorgeous indoor textiles in addition to an outdoor line that is made of hardy solution dyed acrylic. Besides solids and plain textures, Nomi offers lots of really fun patterned options like these (all of which come in different colorways, so be sure to click through to their site to explore)...
Rumba, CoralBoa, Lagoon
Taza, Midnight
Grecco Linea, Poseidon

Yoruba, TangerineSinbad, Cerulean
Tangier, Parrot - Runway, Sea

Croco, ElephantMobia, Badrani
Labryinth, Blue Agate
Cowry Shell, Indigo
Kalimba, Yohimbe -  
Nile, Pearl

A few of the patterns remind me of Quadrille / China Seas, but honestly, the fabric is much better than the outdoor option that Quadrille offers. Q's is really stiff and it looks like outdoor fabric, whereas Nomi's does not. Anyhow, what do you think? Loving any pattern(s) in particular?

Are you a fan of indoor/outdoor fabrics like I am? Any favorite lines? Besides this one, I like Erin Flett for Al Fresco, Holly Hunt's Great Outdoors, and Perennials. Duralee, Schumacher, and Kravet also make some great options.

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  1. Ooooh NOmi could be great when I recover my sofa!!! I must look into this! xo