A Fun, Feathered Chandelier

Last week I got Jayson Home & Garden's catalog and my jaw dropped when I saw their new Emma Feather Pendant. I've never seen anything quite like it and I couldn't decide if I thought it was the most fabulous thing ever or a little too kooky. To sort out my thoughts I started dreaming up a design scheme that would complement the feathery fixture. To me, it seems perfect for a bedroom...especially a dreamy girly one, so here is what I put together to create that scenario:

Emma Feather Pendant - Jayson Home & Garden
Aleppo Inlay Table - Serena & Lily
Gabrielle Lamp - Z Gallerie
Diana Delgado original oil - Ugallery
Octavia Headboard - Serena & Lily
Eileen Fisher Bedding - Garnet Hill
Mid-Century Chair - Ceylon et Cie
Roger Single Bench - Made Goods
Safari Rug - West Elm

What are your thoughts? Would you ever use a feathered chandelier? I'm still on the fence but I'm dying to see it in person!


  1. I would use a feathered chandelier in a freakin' heartbeat. Loving this!

  2. I saw it too, I am going there this weekend to check it out. I love this room you put together for it!

  3. Beautiful chandler, but I'm not sure if I want it over my bed.

  4. I also LOVE it and I think it's perfect for a girls' room- though I would love it in mine too:) I love how you paired it with that gorgeous abstract artwork- gorgeous!!!

  5. I went through the same thought process! My first reaction was that it's awesome, then I thought that it's weird and now I think I would suggest it for someone else, like a fun client- perhaps for a dressing room or small sitting area.
    What I do absolutely love is the design board you put together! Very, very pretty.

  6. I love it, and would die to use it in a sophisticated and whimsical little girl's room.
    I did worry a little about the dust factor, and whether or not it would shed feathers over time, but seriously, it's fab.


  7. Lovely board. Love the light. Very girly and Parisian parlour.

  8. I guess I'm the odd ball, all I could think of was the dust it would collect! lol It's beautiful but I'm just not there yet. I love your design board.

  9. That feather lamp is very much like my dream lamp http://www.haldanemartin.co.za/fiela_light.php

    But $2k is too much for me!

  10. I think my heart stopped for 2.5 seconds when I saw this. But I'm partial had feathers in my wedding bouquet.

    I agree with your thoughts on styling. It would make or break it

  11. I agree, I love it but not sure if I'd want it in my own house. I would love to design a little girls room around it though! Now I just need a client willing to spend that kind of money on a little girl's room!

  12. I sort of liked it...until i saw the price. No wonder you didn't post that! I am not at the point in my life where I could buy a $2,295.00 (not including tax and shipping) chandelier, without selling a kidney or a child. In fact, That is STUPID. I can not wait to see if more affordable places copy cat that feathery thing.

    Jessica Hendricks

  13. you could recreate it with a drum pendant and feathers...add a little trim to make it fancy.

  14. I love it..i could see it in an entryway...or dining room :))))